Games Live casino in the UK in such exciting games, you can interact with a live dealer and other players.

The main advantage of live versions of games, allowing to communicate with a real dealer, is the simulation of presence in an offline gambling establishment. The player sees an actual casino employee on the screen, can ask questions and hear his voice in response. He can hear music and the rustle of cards that are shuffled and dealt by the dealer. The player will also see a gaming table, covered with green cloth, which is lined according to the requirements of a particular game.

The best online casinos for playing live games

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Such versions of games use real gambling equipment, not a 3D computer graphics. The live game of Sic Bo uses real dice, which are shaken in a transparent plastic cylinder. Playing cards are a bit larger size than in offline casino. They are laid out on the table so that visitors can properly see them.

In video mode, when the dealer and the table at which he works can be seen on the whole screen, the player can put his chips right on the gambling table.

Here are several live casino games that you can play in your spare time:

  • Live Roulette;
  • Live Blackjack;
  • Live Baccarat;
  • Live Three Card Poker;
  • Live Caribbean Stud Poker;
  • Live Hi Lo;
  • Live Casino Hold’em;
  • Live Texas Hold’em;
  • Live Sic Bo.

The full list of online gambling institutions with live mode can be found at For all live casino games, two options are available: basic mode and video mode.

In the basic mode, the game screen is divided into two halves: top and bottom. The top part, in turn, is subdivided into three sectors. In the central sector, the game itself is displayed and a good-looking casino employee, who executes the duties of managing the game is seen. He or she throws a ball in roulette, deals cards in Baccarat, and rolls dice in Sic Bo. All calculations and payments are executed by a computer program.

In the upper left part of the screen, there are several information tabs. They allow you to monitor your results in the last rounds of the game. There is information on bets, betting restrictions, real server time, game code, and control buttons. The control buttons allow you to change the angle of the image, and also to zoom items in and out.

In the upper right sector of the screen, a chat window can be opened, designed for communication in real time with the dealer, which the player sees in the center of his monitor. The player should write a message in the chat, and the dealer will answer him with his voice. If several people play remotely at the same table, they can ask questions to each other.

In the lower part of the screen, there is a game table, marked for betting in accordance with the requirements of the game.

A distinctive feature of the video mode is that the dealer image is displayed on the entire game screen. You can also see a table covered with cloth. Information tabs and control buttons pop up above the video. Thus, the player is able to bet directly on the real table.

Some virtual online casinos have a specially designed studio. It is equipped with real gaming devices and several webcams with high resolution and professional options. The control buttons switch cameras, changing the angle of shooting, and also allow you to zoom in on different subjects. All players can see a close-up of the ball, thrown on the roulette wheel, in full screen. This gives them a unique opportunity to monitor the fairness of the game. They can see with their own eyes that the ball is not pushed or stopped by anybody. Similarly, the player has the opportunity to monitor the dealing of cards and the shaking of dice from a short distance.

If the broadcasting is carried out from a special studio, it’s only the employees of this casino that will be there. Other players are present at the table only in a virtual sense, remotely.

Sometimes, the game broadcast can be transmitted via TV cameras from a television studio. This is convenient for those guests, who do not like the Internet.

In some special cases, the game is broadcast from the hall of a real gambling establishment. In such a case, other guests of the club may also be at the tables.


A complete anonymity greatly increases the safety of the game. You can freely communicate with other players or listen to music. You get an opportunity to hear the voice and to see the smile of the croupier. This enhances the effect of presence in a real casino. And you don’t have to follow the dress code of the casino.

In order to play with a live dealer, choose one of the cozy online casinos in the United Kingdom. Then you need to register an account, make a deposit, get bonuses and join the game process with pleasant surprises, tournaments, and gifts for permanent members of the club.