Live Baccarat online takes a worthy place among gambling games, allowing visitors to experience a rush of adrenaline.

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Clients of virtual institutions in the United Kingdom don’t have to make a long trip to be able to play at a gambling table covered with green cloth.

The game, represented in nearly all virtual gambling clubs, is now experiencing a real heyday and enjoys incredible popularity among visitors.

General description of the game

Live Baccarat online is a variation of the classic card game, which is played according to conventional rules. The only exception is in certain bets. The game uses eight decks of cards and is played simultaneously on seven boxes, at the request of the players.

Here are the most typical game situations:

  • The player’s win is paid at a ratio of 2:1;
  • The dealer’s win is also paid 2:1, minus 5% of commission;
  • A draw is paid in the ratio of 9:1; in this case, bets on other fields are returned.

Live Baccarat online allows some additional bets:

  • big bets (when 5-6 cards in total are dealt) are paid with a coefficient of 0.54:1;
  • small bets (when 4 cards are dealt), the coefficient is 1.5:1;
  • any pair (if the player or the dealer has received 2 cards of the same rank and suit), the coefficient is 5:1;
  • player’s pair (the participant of the round gets two identical cards), the ratio is 11:1;
  • dealer’s pair (the croupier gets two identical cards), the ratio is 11:1;
  • an ideal pair is paid at a ratio of 25:1.

How to start Live Baccarat game

To start playing with a live dealer, switch to the “Live Game” page on the website of the virtual institution. After that, you need to choose a gaming table with the appropriate range of bets and the number of players. The information about the dealer can also be found here.

Now, you should select the chip’s face value and place a bet on the corresponding field. The croupier deals the cards according to the rules, and all payments are executed by a computer program.

In the studio, several video cameras are installed. They allow the player to control the progress of the game and the dealing of cards. Live versions of gambling use cards of a slightly larger size, so that players can properly see them.

The range of bets in various virtual gambling institutions in the United Kingdom may be different. In some clubs, it is allowed to bet from 5 to 50 pounds on all tables, whereas in others from 2 to 100 pounds. A player has only 30 seconds to make a bet.


It is very convenient to play on the pages with live dealer in UK online casinos. The fact is that their interface is characterized by a convenient, well-designed arrangement of special windows and panels with control buttons. The user is allowed to choose between normal or video mode.

Let’s see how the game interface is organized in the normal mode.

The game screen in normal mode is divided into two parts: top and bottom ones. The top half of the screen is subdivided into 3 different panels.

  1. In the central panel, there is a screen, where you can see a live croupier working in the virtual casino studio. At the top left of the screen, there is an icon that disables the video. In the upper right corner, there is a button for switching between normal and video modes.
  2. On the left panel, all the necessary information about the game is displayed. There are tabs with the sizes of bets, winnings, betting restrictions, server time, and game code.
  3. Looking at the right panel, you will find the amounts of payments to players at different bets. In addition, here you can open a chat window to communicate with the dealer. Through this window, you will be able to ask questions to the casino employee and receive answers verbally.

In the lower half of the game screen, you can see a table with the markings for playing baccarat. Right under the window, where the dealer is shown, there is a tab for making additional bets. Under the playing field, there are several tabs with statistics for the last 50 rounds.

Video mode

In this mode, the entire window of the Live Baccarat online page with takes a view from the studio with the real employee of the virtual casino. The number of tabs with information on the game rounds and control buttons is reduced to the required minimum.

Chips of different value, prepared for the game, are placed on the right side of the screen. In the casino settings, you can easily find the instructions for using the payment tables. On the website, the instructions are available in English.

Buttons with names “Menu”, “Cashier”, “Change place”, and “Current balance” are obvious without any special explanations. The game interface has settings that regulate the speed of the game, sounds, and other parameters.

Bottom line

Live Baccarat online allows all gamblers in the UK to experience the atmosphere of a real gambling hall. It is very pleasant to talk to a live dealer, to hear his voice, and to watch the movements of his hands, especially if it happens right at your home. The game progresses somewhat more slowly, but it’s worth it.  Bets in this mode are higher than in automatic one.

The special zoom function of the video camera can be enabled at the customer’s request. This feature allows you to monitor the dealing of cards by bringing the image closer. Users of virtual institutions in the United Kingdom have the opportunity to make sure of the absolute honesty of the game, watching close-ups of cards and hands of the croupier.

Once you have decided about the choice of a virtual institution, using information from the website, register your account and make a deposit. This will allow you to receive a welcome bonus, as well as to take part in various actions, lotteries, and tournaments. You will be able to take advantage of the privileges designed for regular customers of online casinos, receive unexpected bonuses and gifts.