Live Blackjack online is a chance to play with croupier in the one of the most intellectual gambling.

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18+ New Players only. Gamble responsibly.


All participants of the game can get the opportunity to interact with a real casino employee, staying within the walls of his own house.

General description

The rules of playing Live Blackjack Online are the same as in the classic version of the game. The player is trying to score more points than the dealer, but not more than 21.

It’s also possible to make an extra bet on the croupier’s or player’s pair. In the game, up to 7 players of a gambling club can play simultaneously. Gamblers from all over the world will sit next to you at the green gambling table. You will be able to communicate with the employee of the virtual institution, as well as with other players, despite the fact that they will be at home, miles away.

You will see the dealer through a professional high-resolution webcam. You can watch how cards from the deck are dealt to each player. The high resolution of the camera allows the player to experience the effect of presence inside the gambling hall and to fully control the course of the game. You will be able to make sure of the absolute transparency of the actions of online casino employees. In the United Kingdom, cards in live games are slightly larger in size than the usual ones. This is done specifically for the players to be able to properly see them.

Playing with live dealers, the player has a theoretical opportunity to influence the outcome of the card battle. The cards are re-shuffled by the dealer. The game is played with 6 or 8 decks of 52 cards.

In the live round, it is very interesting to personally monitor how the croupier shuffles cards and deals them. If desired, you can zoom in on the image using the zoom camera option and view all the dealer’s hand movements close-up. You can see all the little things that give you the effect of personal presence in the gambling hall, but this slows down the game. For this reason, bets in live game rooms of online casinos in the United Kingdom are usually higher than in places, where the game is against a machine dealer.

Beginning of the card battle

The croupier deals two cards to players and himself, one face down, and the other in open. The dealer stops taking cards, when he collects 17 soft or hard points.

Players are entitled to double, if they have any two identical cards, even after the split. The split is allowed with any two cards, and the second split can be done with aces. On both boxes with divided aces, one card is added.

Progress of the game

The game is played the same way as in the case of the usual version of Blackjack. The player selects the chip, places the initial bet, and receives two cards per box.

After that, the player decides what to do next: whether to take additional cards or not, and also whether to double or to split. When all players decide on the action with their boxes, the dealer has the right to open his closed card. In the event that he has less than 17 points, the dealer takes an additional card. In Live Blackjack Online, the dealer distributes cards, and also announces the number of points on each box. Winnings will be paid by a special computer program.


In Live Blackjack Online, two modes are available for all UK players: regular and video mode. Let’s look at the regular mode.

In this mode, the screen is conditionally subdivided into two parts: top and bottom. The top part consists of three panels.

On the central panel, you can see a window with the image of the croupier working in the hall. When the mouse cursor is hovered over this window, 3 icons appear at its top. The left icon disables the broadcast of the game from the studio, the middle icon turns on the close-up of the dealer’s image, and the icon on the right allows switching between normal and video mode.

The left panel displays information about the current round of the game: dealing history, bets, winnings.

The right panel reminds the player of the betting restrictions for this page of the virtual casino. Here you will also find the game code and the server time.

To communicate with the croupier verbally, a player should press the “Chat room” key. Instead of the panel, a chat window will be opened, where the player will be able to communicate with the dealer. The croupier will answer all his questions in spoken form.

In the lower part of the screen in normal mode, there’s a gaming table divided into 3 boxes. This is where bets are made. In addition, you can see chips, cards, and control buttons there. At the very bottom, there is a window for entering text, as well as the Menu, Close, and Cashier buttons. Buttons for controlling the game process appear after the bets are made.

In video mode, the dealer is shown on the whole screen. All windows with information about the current round are located on top of the main image.

Live Blackjack settings allow players to change the speed of the game, turn off the soundtrack, and choose the most convenient options for broadcasting the game from the studio.

Bottom line

Live Blackjack Online is an excellent opportunity to play the card game not with a random number generator, but with a real live dealer, who deals real cards. You may not be able to calculate all the moves or apply some of your strategies, but you can definitely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real gambling club.

In video studios of UK virtual institutions, there always work attractive, polite young men and girls. The game uses special playings cards with large symbols and pictures. Gambling hall features an exquisite interior and has everything for players to have a great time.

In order to receive welcome bonuses, participate in promotions, tournaments, and enjoy the privileges of regular customers, you should register an account on the chosen online casino website and make a deposit.