Live Caribbean Stud Poker Online can be safely named one of the most popular games among modern fans of thrill, adrenaline, and big cash winnings.

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After reading the rules of the game, you can easily understand that it is a version of regular poker with some minor changes that make the gameplay more captivating, inspiring and interesting. Distinctive features of the game are the rapid distribution of cards and the simplest rules that allow beginner gamblers in the World to adequately participate in the game.

The user plays against the dealer on a special playing field, which consists of six separate boxes. Two types of bets are prescribed in the rules of the game: Ante and Bet. The dealing of cards begins after the players define the size of the initial bet. After clarifying this parameter, the dealer starts distributing cards, from which various prize-winning combinations are formed. The game is played with a regular deck of 52 cards without Jokers.

Playing any kind of poker against a dealer implies that the player needs to collect a stronger combination of cards compared to the dealer’s hand. In addition, the player wins in the event, when the dealer is unable to collect the minimum set of cards necessary to continue the game. In this version of the game, users need to compile usual combinations that are familiar to all poker enthusiasts.

In this regard, it is similar to other types of poker, information about which is available at As a rule, hands are compared according to standard criteria, but some modern online casinos in the United Kingdom can introduce additional nuances into the rules.

There are ten major combinations that are able to bring real money prizes. In descending order, these combinations look like this:

  • Royal Flush is a set of five largest sequential cards of identical suits;
  • Straight Flush is a combination similar to ordinary Straight but consisting of five cards of identical suit;
  • Four of a kind or Quads ‑ four cards of the same ranking;
  • Full House ‑ a combination consisting of a Trip of one rank and a Pair of another rank;
  • Flush ‑ a set of five cards of the identical suit;
  • Straight ‑ five cards arranged sequentially according to the hierarchy;
  • Three of a kind or Triple is a set of 3 cards of equal ranking;
  • Two Pairs ‑ two sets of cards of the same ranking;
  • Pair ‑ two cards of identical value;
  • Ace and King of different suits.

In online casinos, if a player doesn’t have at least one set of cards from the list, he or she won’t be able to continue playing this round. Combinations of cards are compared solely on the basis of their value, while the suits aren’t taken into account.

The rules of the game provide players with the following opportunities:

  • to cease playing with the loss of the Ante bet;
  • to continue the cards’ distribution with raising bets;
  • to change the cards for the value of the Ante bet.

According to the rules of the game, a hand can be changed no more than once. In the event that a player repeatedly receives a non-winning combination, his only way is to fold the cards.

The size of the winnings depends on the combination of cards and can be of the following values:

  • for Royal Flush, Straight Flush, and Quad ‑ payout ratios are 100 to 1, 50 to 1, and 20 to 1, respectively;
  • for Full House, Flush, Straight, and Triple ‑ 7 to 1, 5 to 1, 4 to 1, and 3 to 1;
  • Two pairs ‑ 2 to 1;
  • a Pair and an Ace-King combination are evaluated at a ratio of 1 to 1.

The game rules imply the ability to play simultaneously on 1-3 sectors, which can be chosen from 6 boxes. In the third sector, a player must make both types of bets, that is, Ante and Bet. The fact is that it is played “closed”, while the first two sectors are independent of each other. Some options such as exiting the game and exchanging dealt cards are also not available for the third box.

It is extremely important that players keep track of the chips that are used for betting in different boxes. If it turns out that a player doesn’t have enough chips for the current hand, there is only one way in the rules ‑ to fold the cards. When the dealer raises his bet on the first box, the transition to the next box will be possible only after making a decision on the first one. And he can’t change his decision in any way. If several users participate in the game, the exchange of any information between other sectors is impossible.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker Online gives guests of online casinos in the United Kingdom the opportunity to win an impressive jackpot, which can be either fixed or progressive. As a rule, a player only needs to collect a large enough combination of cards to solve this problem and receive a prize.

However, some gambling institutions may have additional requirements for obtaining the jackpot. That’s why we recommend that everyone learn in more detail the rules of the game on the website.

In the case of this captivating game, as with most other gambling entertainments, it is rather difficult to talk about any particular strategy. However, the accumulated gaming experience allows us to make two basic conclusions concerning the player’s behavior:

  1. it is recommended that you always raise your bet, when you get a Pair or a higher hand;
  2. you should always fold, when your hand is lower than the combination that the dealer needs to continue playing (Ace / King).

Such situation is quite rare, if the player has an ACE/King set in his hand. Typically, this is possible, if the player has 3 unpaired cards of big value, or if the dealer’s open card is a jack and less and is identical to one of the player’s cards.

We can talk about the subtleties and nuances of the game for a very long time, but much more important features are its profitability, emotionality, and fascination. Live Caribbean Stud Poker Online can definitely relieve you of sadness, and this is of great importance. Just a few rounds in a free demo game without risk, and you will be ready to start fighting for real cash winnings.