Live Casino Hold’em UK is a real representative of always actual classics with a simple interface, high-quality HD video, live croupiers, and standard rules.

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This game is adored by many visitors to entertainment portals in the world. And it’s very easy to explain. Texas Hold’em is able to convey the atmosphere of an offline gambling club with incredible realism.

Simple rules

Due to its simplest rules and the fascination of the plot, this version of poker has gained a huge popularity. Its captivating gameplay attracts a great number of visitors. Many virtual institutions offer an original version of Live Casino Hold’em with a live dealer.

This version is designed for those, who have long dreamed of sitting at a gambling table in the best casinos and exchanging a couple of words with an attractive croupier girl. The virtual hall is open at any time of the day, and casino employees are always happy to see you.

Similar to other types poker, descriptions of which can be found at, cards in Casino Hold’em are dealt from one deck of 52 cards. To start the game, a player must deposit a certain amount of money to the virtual club, then go to a Texas Hold’em page with the live dealer, select a chip value and make an initial bet. The dealer gives out two cards to each player and to himself. After that, the croupier will deal three cards in the open ‑ the flop. As a result, all players will have 5 cards. Next, you need to evaluate your cards and decide on how to play further.

There are two possible options:

  • to fold, if your combination of cards has no chances to win;
  • to continue the game by making an additional bet.

If you decide to fold, you’ll lose your initial bet (Ante). Before you make your first bet, pay attention to the restrictions that are accepted for this table. The size of your bet should not be lower or higher than the amounts allowed in your hall. If you make a mistake, an information window will pop up on the screen, with a reminder of the allowed bet size.

If you decide to continue the game, the dealer will give you two more cards. They’re called the Turn and the River. Then the cards are opened, the dealer evaluates all the combinations and the winner gets his winnings.

You can easily find the coefficients of payment by opening the section with tables in the game menu. They specify in detail how each winning combination is paid.

Live Casino Hold’em is a fascinating game!

Many modern virtual clubs in the UK offer everyone to play the Texas version of poker with an intuitive interface. A distinctive feature of playing with a live dealer is the possibility to communicate with him in real time. To do this, you just need to click on the button that opens the chat and write a message to the dealer. The croupier will answer you in verbal form. To be able to hear his voice, you’ll have to activate a small speaker, which is usually located in the upper right corner of the game screen.

A great advantage of Live Casino Hold’em is the combination of home comfort and the ability to communicate with a real dealer. The player receives all the necessary support and assistance on all issues, feeling as if he is in a real gambling hall. In some cases, the video is broadcasted from a real casino. In other cases, it is a studio with a gambling table, luxurious environment, and professional technical staff, which ensures high-quality translation of the picture. The webcam shows you a real employee of the virtual casino. He is in charge of the game process, shuffling the deck, and handing out the cards. The winnings are calculated and paid by a special computer program.

The player can watch the close-up of the dealer’s hand movements by clicking on the corresponding button on the screen. In addition, the Zoom option allows you to bring the deck closer. Some gambling establishments in the United Kingdom use large cards for this version of poker so that the players can examine them properly.

On the live version screen, you’ll see a casino employee, a specially lined betting table, information tabs, and control buttons.

Connection fault

Sometimes there are situations, when a player makes a bet, but the connection suddenly breaks off, so that the translation from the studio, where you played with the dealer is stopped. In this case, the client will be automatically switched to the machine game mode based on the random number generator. You won’t lose your bet. After returning to the game page, you can continue playing in the company of the computer dealer.


In UK virtual casinos with a live dealer, you can play Texas Hold’em either in normal or in video mode. In normal mode, you’ll see the dealer in one part of the screen and the game table in another one. In this mode, there is also a box for tips in the lower part of the playing field ‑ everything is like in a real game hall. In video mode, the dealer is shown on the full screen. The control buttons and information windows with the results of the latest rounds pop up on top of the dealer image, without disturbing the player.

At the bottom of the screen, there are several buttons:

  • Cash;
  • Menu;
  • Close.

A text string tells on the screen you how to make the next move better and gives instructions on what you should do at the moment. In the settings section, you will find the keys for adjusting the speed of the game, as well as for disabling sound effects, music, and the croupier’s voice.


Live Casino Hold’em is an incredibly exciting game, with well-designed functionality and a three-dimensional image, which is translated from a studio decorated in the style of a luxurious gambling hall.

Choose a virtual casino using the website, register an account and make a deposit. Now you can appreciate all the convenience of playing with a live dealer without leaving your home computer. New players have the right to get a welcome bonus, which increases the probability of a big win. Regular users of online gambling clubs in the United Kingdom receive numerous gifts and prizes for participating in various tournaments and lotteries. The most advanced players receive special privileges, higher statuses, and titles.

In order to become a “privileged” guest, you just need to bet and play as much as possible, getting the maximum pleasure. The program remembers all your actions, pays the winnings, gives prizes, rewards, and bonuses.