Live Casino Hold’em is a real representative of always actual classics with a simple interface, high-quality HD video, live croupiers, and standard rules.

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This game is adored by many visitors to entertainment portals in the world. And it’s very easy to explain. Texas Hold’em is able to convey the atmosphere of an offline gambling club with incredible realism.

Simple rules

Due to its simplest rules and the fascination of the plot, this version of poker has gained a huge popularity. Its captivating gameplay attracts a great number of visitors. Many virtual institutions offer an original version of Live Casino Hold’em with a live dealer.

This version is designed for those, who have long dreamed of sitting at a gambling table in the best casinos and exchanging a couple of words with an attractive croupier girl. The virtual hall is open at any time of the day, and casino employees are always happy to see you.

Similar to other types poker, descriptions of which can be found at, cards in Casino Hold’em are dealt from one deck of 52 cards. To start the game, a player must deposit a certain amount of money to the virtual club, then go to a Texas Hold’em page with the live dealer, select a chip value and make an initial bet. The dealer gives out two cards to each player and to himself. After that, the croupier will deal three cards in the open ‑ the flop. As a result, all players will have 5 cards. Next, you need to evaluate your cards and decide on how to play further.

There are two possible options:

  • to fold, if your combination of cards has no chances to win;
  • to continue the game by making an additional bet.

If you decide to fold, you’ll lose your initial bet (Ante). Before you make your first bet, pay attention to the restrictions that are accepted for this table. The size of your bet should not be lower or higher than the amounts allowed in your hall. If you make a mistake, an information window will pop up on the screen, with a reminder of the allowed bet size.

If you decide to continue the game, the dealer will give you two more cards. They’re called the Turn and the River. Then the cards are opened, the dealer evaluates all the combinations and the winner gets his winnings.

You can easily find the coefficients of payment by opening the section with tables in the game menu. They specify in detail how each winning combination is paid.

Live Casino Hold’em is a fascinating game!

Many modern virtual clubs in the World offer everyone to play the Texas version of poker with an intuitive interface. A distinctive feature of playing with a live dealer is the possibility to communicate with him in real time. To do this, you just need to click on the button that opens the chat and write a message to the dealer. The croupier will answer you in verbal form. To be able to hear his voice, you’ll have to activate a small speaker, which is usually located in the upper right corner of the game screen.

A great advantage of Live Casino Hold’em is the combination of home comfort and the ability to communicate with a real dealer. The player receives all the necessary support and assistance on all issues, feeling as if he is in a real gambling hall. In some cases, the video is broadcasted from a real casino. In other cases, it is a studio with a gambling table, luxurious environment, and professional technical staff, which ensures high-quality translation of the picture. The webcam shows you a real employee of the virtual casino. He is in charge of the game process, shuffling the deck, and handing out the cards. The winnings are calculated and paid by a special computer program.

The player can watch the close-up of the dealer’s hand movements by clicking on the corresponding button on the screen. In addition, the Zoom option allows you to bring the deck closer. Some gambling establishments in the United Kingdom use large cards for this version of poker so that the players can examine them properly.

On the live version screen, you’ll see a casino employee, a specially lined betting table, information tabs, and control buttons.

Connection fault

Sometimes there are situations, when a player makes a bet, but the connection suddenly breaks off, so that the translation from the studio, where you played with the dealer is stopped. In this case, the client will be automatically switched to the machine game mode based on the random number generator. You won’t lose your bet. After returning to the game page, you can continue playing in the company of the computer dealer.


In virtual casinos with a live dealer, you can play Texas Hold’em either in normal or in video mode. In normal mode, you’ll see the dealer in one part of the screen and the game table in another one. In this mode, there is also a box for tips in the lower part of the playing field ‑ everything is like in a real game hall. In video mode, the dealer is shown on the full screen. The control buttons and information windows with the results of the latest rounds pop up on top of the dealer image, without disturbing the player.

At the bottom of the screen, there are several buttons:

  • Cash;
  • Menu;
  • Close.

A text string tells on the screen you how to make the next move better and gives instructions on what you should do at the moment. In the settings section, you will find the keys for adjusting the speed of the game, as well as for disabling sound effects, music, and the croupier’s voice.


Live Casino Hold’em is an incredibly exciting game, with well-designed functionality and a three-dimensional image, which is translated from a studio decorated in the style of a luxurious gambling hall.

Choose a virtual casino using the website, register an account and make a deposit. Now you can appreciate all the convenience of playing with a live dealer without leaving your home computer. New players have the right to get a welcome bonus, which increases the probability of a big win. Regular users of online gambling clubs in the United Kingdom receive numerous gifts and prizes for participating in various tournaments and lotteries. The most advanced players receive special privileges, higher statuses, and titles.

In order to become a “privileged” guest, you just need to bet and play as much as possible, getting the maximum pleasure. The program remembers all your actions, pays the winnings, gives prizes, rewards, and bonuses.

Clark:4 April 2023 02:12 AM
It had been months since I last played Live Casino Hold'em, and now I was ready to dive back into the thrilling world of online poker. The game began with the usual ceremonial flip of the cards, and soon enough, players were betting and raising as they sought to build the best hand possible. Unlike traditional poker games where you can see other players' faces, Live Casino Hold'em offers an added layer of excitement by having professional dealers manage the action. Their smooth talking and engaging personalities only add to the immersive atmosphere.

One particular hand stands out from that evening's play. With pocket jacks as my starting hand, I watched as others folded or called before it was my turn to act. As the betting reached my seat, I decided to raise. A couple of opponents quickly called, showing their resolve to continue. The flop arrived, and much to my delight, it brought three hearts - perfect for a flush draw. My opponents checked, giving me the opportunity to fire away another round of bets. Both of them reluctantly folded, leaving just one player remaining. We both had our eyes on the same card – the river – which could either seal the win for me or force us into a showdown. Thankfully, the river card proved favorable, allowing me to scoop the pot without any need for further action.

The adrenaline from winning that hand kept me coming back for more. Over the next few hours, I managed to string together several successful sessions, ultimately walking away with a healthy profit. Despite the occasional loss here and there, the overall experience remained exhilarating throughout the night. In the end, Live Casino Hold'em provided not only an enjoyable pastime but also a chance to test my skills against fellow players while enjoying the unique atmosphere created by the live dealers.

Stuart:5 April 2023 04:25 AM
It was time for another round of Live Casino Hold'em, and this time, I had an edge over the competition. The game is unlike any other poker variant; it's played with a single deck of cards dealt from a shoe, and up to five players can participate in each hand. With just one more player to join, I placed my ante bet and waited for the action to begin.

The dealer started by distributing two hole cards to each player, including myself. As the others folded their hands, I carefully evaluated mine. My pair of jacks gave me a decent starting hand, but I knew that anything could happen during the next few rounds. When it was finally my turn to act, I decided to call the big blind and see the flop.

The board came alive with community cards, and I began to assess my chances. Two diamonds showed up, which meant I still needed help. However, there were also possibilities of making a straight or a flush. I kept my eyes peeled as the next card was dealt – an ace of hearts. Now I had a live possibility of making a royal flush!

I checked to the last remaining player, who also called. We both reveled in our lucky draws until the river card changed everything. A four appeared, ending any chance of a royal flush. Nevertheless, I still had a strong hand, so I pushed all-in. My opponent thought long and hard before calling. They turned over a pair of kings, which wasn't good enough. I showed my winning hand, and the pot was mine!

My excitement only grew when the final player left the table. It was now heads-up against the dealer. I focused on my strategy, trying to read his tells while keeping track of the previous board cards. After several rounds, I managed to build a sizable lead. Finally, the dealer revealed their hand – a pair of queens. Unfortunately, they made a better hand than mine, and I lost the round. Nonetheless, I enjoyed every minute of the thrilling session and can't wait to play again soon.

Orlando:6 April 2023 01:11 PM
The Live Casino Hold'em is a unique blend of poker and traditional casino games like Texas Hold'em, but with live dealers and other players. Unlike regular poker games where everyone plays against each other, here you play against the house, which makes it both exciting and challenging.

I logged into my favorite online gaming site and found a seat at an empty table. As more players joined, the atmosphere became electric. We were all vying for that elusive royal flush while also trying to outwit our opponents. The beauty of this game lies in its simplicity; anyone familiar with poker can pick up on the rules quickly. Each player receives two cards face-down, and then five community cards are dealt face-up in a row. Players must make the best hand possible using these seven cards.

The thrill of watching others fold their hands as they chase that big win kept me engaged. Every round brought new opportunities to read people's tells and adjust my strategy accordingly. My heart raced when I made a bold move or managed to snag a valuable card. There's nothing quite like the adrenaline rush that comes from diving headfirst into a high-stakes game.

Hours flew by as we battled it out, and eventually it came down to the final showdown between myself and another experienced player. Our eyes locked as we calculated our odds, and after several tense moments, I emerged victorious. The feeling of accomplishment was unmatched, and I couldn't help but smile as I collected my well-earned winnings.

Keith:7 April 2023 06:37 AM
The flop cards were dealt, and players began to make their bets. I watched carefully, sizing up opponents and trying to read their tells. When it was my turn, I raised cautiously but assertively. As more cards were revealed, tension built. Would anyone get a royal flush? Would someone else take the pot?

When all bets were in, the showdown commenced. One by one, players folded until only two remained: me and another player. We both had similar-looking hands, but I knew that experience counted for something. With a confident smile, I showed my hole cards - a pair of jacks – and declared 'Hold'em!'

The other player hesitated momentarily before doing the same. Our hands were identical, except for the color of our pocket pairs. It was now a game of chance, and luck would decide who won this round. The dealer shuffled the remaining community cards, and we eagerly awaited the outcome.

To my delight, the final card revealed was an ace – a perfect match for my jack pair! I couldn't contain my excitement as I scooped the pot, winning the round of Live Casino Hold'em.

As the chips were counted and raked into the center of the table, I allowed myself a victorious grin. There's just something exhilarating about competing against fellow players from around the world, knowing that skill and strategy play a major role in determining the winner.

I may not have been physically present at the table, but the thrill of competition and adrenaline rush of gaming were very much alive within me. In that moment, I felt connected to every other player involved, forming a unique bond born out of shared passion for the game.

Marion:8 April 2023 07:22 AM
Unlike traditional poker games where players compete against each other, in Live Casino Hold'em, players compete against the house. Each player is dealt two cards face-down, while the dealer receives their own set of two cards - one facing up, known as the 'Flop Card', and another facedown called the 'Hole Card'. Players must make an ante bet before seeing their cards, which acts as insurance if they fold later on. After understanding the basics, it was time for me to place my bet.

I started with small bets, getting used to the pace of the game. As I played more hands, I began to develop my own strategy. One important tip I learned was to pay attention to the Flop Card. If it's a high card, like an ace or king, there's a higher chance that the dealer has a strong hand. This helped me decide when to fold and save my bet for the next round. Another crucial tip was to watch out for the Hole Card. If it's a low card, such as a three or seven, the chances are higher that the dealer might be bluffing. In this case, I would consider raising or even rebuying if possible.

With every successful hand, my confidence grew, and I started increasing my bet sizes. Soon enough, I was playing big pots worth hundreds of dollars. It was exhilarating! However, I also experienced losses along the way. Learning from them, I adapted my strategies further. For instance, if I lost a few rounds in a row, I would take a break and come back fresh. Overall, my biggest win so far has been $250, and I credit my success to sticking to these key tips.

To conclude, playing Live Casino Hold'em can be both thrilling and rewarding. By following a few simple strategies and adapting to the flow of the game, you too could find yourself winning big pots. Just remember to manage your bankroll effectively and have fun while doing it!

Marshall:10 April 2023 05:56 PM
As the newest addition to our casino floor, Live Casino Hold'em quickly became my favorite game to play and watch. The thrill of combining poker strategy with classic Texas Hold'em has captivated me ever since I discovered it. My personal tips for playing this exciting game include: always pay attention to the other players at the table, observe their betting patterns, and adjust accordingly. Also, be patient and wait for strong hands before entering the pot. Remember that folding is just as important as raising in this game! As for watching others play, I enjoy observing how different players approach the game, from aggressive all-ins to more conservative strategies. It's fascinating to see how each individual puts their own spin on the game.
Noel:14 April 2023 08:19 AM
This was my first time playing, but I had studied the rules extensively. I took a seat at the table, feeling the cold, hard wood beneath me. To my left sat an older gentleman in a wrinkled suit; he eyed me carefully before turning his attention back to the game. On my right, a young woman in a tight red dress giggled as she flipped her cards, her long nails gleaming in the dim light.

The dealer began to shuffle the deck, and I focused intently on the action. As the cards were dealt, each player placed their bets in the designated area. When it was my turn, I cautiously placed mine, feeling the adrenaline surge through my veins. The excitement in the room grew palpable as players held their breath, waiting for the showdown. One by one, the hands were revealed, until finally, it was my turn again. With a mix of trepidation and determination, I turned over my hand, revealing a winning combination. A sigh of relief escaped my lips as the other players conceded defeat.

I collected my winnings, feeling a newfound confidence. As I headed back to the tables, I knew this wouldn't be my last visit to the Live Casino Hold'em world.

Everett:15 April 2023 03:26 AM
The beautiful dealer with the perfect smile dealt each player their two starting cards face down. As I studied my hand, I couldn't help but admire the way her long, perfectly manicured nails contrasted against the green baize.

The flop came, and I caught a glimpse of the dealer's eyes widening in surprise. My pair of queens had hit the board! I smiled confidently and raised the stakes even higher. Other players started folding one by one, leaving only me and the dealer in the game. Her poker face remained impenetrable, though I could sense her unease.

The turn card arrived, and this time, it was my opponent's turn to catch a glimpse of my eyes widening. A full house! My heart pounded as I prepared for the final showdown. Would she call or fold? The suspense was unbearable. She finally decided to lay down her hand, and I reveled in my well-deserved victory.

As I collected my chips, I couldn't resist smiling seductively at the dealer. 'Nice try,' I whispered in her ear before heading back to the lobby to cash out and enjoy the rest of my night.

Romeo:17 April 2023 02:42 PM
As the CEO of a large corporation, when it comes to my personal time, I enjoy letting loose and trying new experiences - which is why I found myself seated at a Live Casino Hold'em table one Friday evening.

My competitive spirit kicked in, and before long, I found myself neck-and-neck with another player for the pot. The tension in the room was palpable as we both held our breath, waiting to see if our luck would hold up. In what seemed like an eternity, the community cards were revealed, and my opponent's jaw dropped as his hand fell short of a winning combination.

I couldn't help but let out a victorious whoop as I raked in the pot, savoring the sweet taste of success. The adrenaline rush from claiming the win spurred me on to play just one more hand. Little did I know then that this decision would change the course of my evening.

On the very next hand, I found myself facing a full house while holding only two pair. With a sigh, I decided to fold rather than risk it. As the other players continued to battle it out, I took a moment to reflect on how immersive and exhilarating Live Casino Hold'em can be. It truly makes you feel like you're right there in the action!

Sebastian:18 April 2023 12:28 PM
The game is a unique blend of poker and traditional casino games like Texas Hold'em, but with a twist - you play against the dealer instead of other players. My adrenaline was pumping as I placed my bets, feeling the anticipation build when it was my turn to make decisions. Here are some tips that helped me become a better player:

  1. Understand the rules: Familiarize yourself with how the game works before playing for real money. Knowing the ins and outs will give you an edge over other players.
  2. Bet smartly: Start by placing the minimum bet allowed, then gradually increase your wagers once you get more comfortable with the gameplay. This helps manage risk while still allowing you to participate in the action.
  3. Focus on strategy: Remember to pay attention to both your cards and the community cards. Use strategies such as folding, calling, raising or even bluffing if necessary. It's important not to be predictable.
  4. Watch the dealer: Observe the dealer's behavior and patterns can provide valuable insight into their playing style. Take note of any tendencies that might give you an advantage in reading their hand.

5. Practice online: Try free-to-play versions of Live Casino Hold'em available online to hone your skills without financial risks. These allow you to experiment with different strategies without pressure.

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