Live Roulette online UK is the best kind of the entertainment that include in himself as a traditional roulette so and information technologies

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Most games in online casinos are played using a computer program. The game results depend on the random number generator. However, some visitors to such institutions feel the need to communicate with other players and the dealer. Therefore, all significant gambling websites have developed sections, where the game is played with the participation of a real employee. A list of such online casinos is available at Their distinctive features are a glamorous studio and professional web cameras that allow shooting in HD surround mode from different angles. All this allows players to completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of an real casino.

Pages, where one can see a casino hall with rotating roulette and dealers standing behind a gambling table, have become an excellent solution for guests, who needed live communication. There are control buttons on the screen, which allow you to switch camera settings. You have never seen roulette so close. Professional cameras can zoom in on the image. On your monitor, you can also see a close-up of the roulette wheel with a white ball at the moment of its stop. Players are able to independently control what is happening and to see with their own eyes that no one holds or pushes the ball when it’s stopping.

On the Live Roulette Online playing field, there is also a button that activates chat. Players sitting at the roulette table have the ability to switch to the chat mode and to communicate with each other verbally. A player can ask the dealer personally and receive his response in spoken form.

This unique moment successfully complements the process of virtual entertainment. Those players who are not interested in communicating with “machine” were satisfied with the new element.

Your chance to become a millionaire

Of course, the fact that there is a live dealer in the virtual casino does not ensure that you will instantly become a millionaire. But, as Oscar Wilde said: “Sometimes better to fall than never fly”. Visitors to UK online casinos with live roulette will definitely have a great time. Sometimes they will lose, but wins are also quite frequent.

The basic principle of Live Roulette Online is that you are playing from your home computer with a real dealer, who is currently working in a specially equipped studio, a gambling hall, or a real casino.

Key distinctive features of Live Roulette:

  1. This format differs from the usual online games in that there is no random number generator used. The dealer actually starts the roulette wheel and, with his own hands, throws a small white ball in the direction opposite to the roulette spin.
  2. Players can talk to the club employee, ask questions, and receive answers in spoken form.
  3. In the United Kingdom, the distinction of online live roulette from offline gaming clubs is the responsibility of croupiers. The dealer manages the game process, but doesn’t pay the winnings. In this version of the game, all calculations and payments are performed automatically by a special computer program.

The player watches the broadcast of the gameplay on his own monitor, without leaving his room.

The video can be transmitted from different locations:

  1. In the most common case, it is streamed from a specially equipped studio. There is a table covered with green cloth and lined in a certain way for betting, and also a roulette wheel installed. The dealer works at the game table. There’s also other technical personnel in the room, but it cannot be seen on the screen. Technical staff provides the high-quality broadcast of the game. There are no real players in the room. The game can only be played remotely.
  2. In some cases, the video is transmitted from a real gambling club. The webcam is installed right in the hall of a real gambling institution, and there are also other employees and players. This option is especially popular among some guests, because it creates the most realistic atmosphere.
  3. Another variant of Live Roulette is broadcasting from a television studio. The specially designed studio has a pleasant atmosphere and is equipped with all the necessary technical devices. This allows organizers to attract those gamblers, who don’t like to sit on the Internet for a long time.

In any case, the video camera captures the whole space in the hall and takes close-ups of everything that happens on the table. Using a special interface, the picture is transmitted to the screen of the device that the player uses to access the online casino website. It can be a personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPad, or any other modern mobile gadget based on Android or iOS platforms.

Beginning of the game

In Live Roulette Online, the participants of the game must first make bets. To do this, they should determine the face value of the chip by clicking on the chosen variant. The following click indicates the point at which you want to put your chip. In live roulette, as in other variants, a player is able to make several bets. The player can take risks in order to get a bigger prize by clicking on just one number. He or she can also bet on 4, 12, or half of all numbers.

When all bets are made, the dealer starts spinning the wheel and throws a light ball against the rotation. After the roulette stops spinning, you will see who is the winner and how much he won. In all UK online casinos, the prize is paid automatically by a computer program.

Disruption of the program

If there is a power surge in your house, which results in the fuses blown and power outages, you may be temporarily thrown out the game. Don’t panic, you won’t lose your bets. When you enter the online casino next time, you will be able to continue the round in the automatic version of the roulette. You will get all the prizes that you deserve without any problems.


The live roulette interface is arranged in such a way that you can see a live dealer, a lined table and control buttons on the playing field. There are also tabs, where results of game rounds are recorded.

The website will help you choose the gambling club that meets your requirements. After that, you need to make a deposit and to receive a welcome bonus. It will increase the likelihood of obtaining large gains. Now you can enjoy the privileges that are provided for regular visitors to online casinos in the United Kingdom. You will also be able to receive gifts and prizes for various tournaments, as well as to participate in the internal lottery and profitable promotions.