Live Sic Bo online is a virtual version of a Chinese dice game, which was licensed for use in online casinos.

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Its Live version has gained incredible popularity due to the fact that the game is played in the presence of a live dealer and players have the opportunity to hear his or her voice.

Advantages of the live version

The dealer actively participates in the game process and throws the dices. However, all calculations and payments are performed by a special program. The online game allows participation of several guests at a time. The Chat window allows the player to communicate with other players and the dealer. You type messages in the Chat window and get the answers in verbal form. Thus, you can hear the voice of a real casino employee.

The game is usually broadcast from a studio, specially furnished in the style of a gambling hall. You can hear quiet pleasant music and see a luxurious interior decorated with elegant furniture. The game uses professional webcams with a wide range of functions. The HD mode allows you to see a three-dimensional view of all objects, while color filters create very bright images.

A camera, where Zoom function is activated, brings objects very close. You can perfectly see the close-ups of dice with a different number of dots on each side. Thus, you can track the accuracy of the game results.

In some virtual gambling institutions in the United Kingdom, the Live Sic Bo Online games are broadcast from the hall of a real casino. When the game is streamed from a special studio, there are only employees of the casino in the hall. In this case, players can communicate only remotely. If the game is broadcast from a real gambling establishment, other players may also be present there. In some cases, the game is televised via TV cameras. This is convenient for those people who don’t like to use a computer.

Sic Bo rules

A round of Sic Bo consists of throwing three cubes, the so-called dice. Six sides of each die are marked with round dots in the number from 1 to 6.

Before the croupier rolls the dice, players place their bets on a specially marked screen. Then they try to guess the numbers that appear on the top side of each die.

Different players can bet on the same result without disturbing each other.

Online casinos can set betting limits just like in other board games described at Bets in live versions of the game are usually higher than in the automatic ones.

The dealer places dices in a plastic cylinder and shakes them properly without touching them directly with hands. Then the dices are thrown from the cylinder to the table and roll in random directions. In some casinos, this cylinder looks like an hourglass. In the process of shaking, the cubes fall into one or the other part of it.

Live Sic Bo Online bets and winnings

There are seven kinds of bets in this game. The game board has an original marking, which differs from the layout of the usual roulette table. Therefore, the game can seem very complicated at first glance. In fact, the reading of the rules will take only a few minutes. Even if you’re seeing this game for the first time.

  1. Bet on one number, from 1 to 6 (Single Dice Bet). After the roll, you can see how many dice have the selected number on their top. If you’ve got the required number of dots on only one of the dice, your prize will have the ratio of 1:1. If you have the number on two dice simultaneously, the ratio is 2:1. However, if the top edges of three dice simultaneously have this number, the payoff is 12:1.
  2. Bet on two different numbers (Dice Combinations). In this case, the player assumes that, on the top of the dice, there will be two different numbers of 15 possible variants: from 1-2 to 5-6. Any of these combinations will be paid at a ratio of 6:1.
  3. Bet on a double (Specific Double). Bet on the fact that the same number of dots appears on two dice simultaneously. The number can be between 1 and 6. If you’re lucky, your prize will have the ratio of 11:1. In some gambling establishments, if the number chosen at the time of placing the bet has appeared simultaneously on three dice, the prize is paid in the ratio of 30:1.
  4. Bet on three specific numbers (Specific “Triples” or “Alls”). In this case, the player tries to guess a combination of three numbers from 1 to 6, which would appear on all three dice after the roll. The prize is paid at a ratio of 180:1.
  5. Bet on any possible triple (Any Triple or All “Alls”). In this case, the gambler assumes that one of the numbers from 1 to 6 must appear on all three dice at once. The payment ratio is 31:1.
  6. Bets on Big/Small or Even/Odd. In this variant of betting, the player assumes that the total sum of the dots on the top faces of all three dice after the roll will be within a certain range. Big numbers are numbers from 11 to 17 and the small ones are from 4 to 10, inclusively. In this case, the role of zero is played by a triple. If you get three identical numbers on all the dice, the bet won’t be paid. If the number of dots on the dice after the roll is in the selected range, the bet wins and is paid with a ratio of 1:1. The bet on Even/Odd is paid if the sum of dots on three dice coincides with the specified variant; the ratio is 1:1. Also, if you get a triple, the bet won’t be paid.
  7. Bet on a specific sum (Three Dice Total). In this case, the player assumes that the dots on all three dice will form a certain sum from 4 to 17. The selected number affects the payment size. For example, if the sum is 4 or 17, the prize ratio will be 62:1. If the expected sum is 10 or 11, the ratio is 6:1.

Features of Sic Bo Online

Before the start of the round, the player has the right to make several bets. Any combination of bets is acceptable, but it should not go beyond the limitations of this table and the player’s own bankroll.

Some players prefer to make several bets at a time: these can be bets on a double of fives, a triple of fives, on any triple, and on several different sums of three numbers.

There are some players in the United Kingdom, who use a certain strategy. They usually bet only 1 chip on one number. If their bet loses, they double it, and if it wins, they move to the next number. Thus, they go from 1 to 6. This strategy allows you to steadily and slowly replenish the account to a certain limit. That’s why there are betting restrictions on gambling tables. Each player can choose his own strategy.

Live Sic Bo Online uses hand-made dice of ideal shape, with a certain numbering. The sum of dots on the opposite faces is always 7. The dealer can be perfectly seen on the screen. Control buttons allow switching video to different modes. Information tabs enable you to monitor the statistics of the current game. Chat allows you to interact with other guests. At the same time, other players do not disturb you, when making bets and communicating with the dealer. A player has the opportunity to hear the music and the voice of the dealer, but also he can turn off all sounds and speed up the game process.

Thanks to its visual appeal and high prizes, Sic Bo game with a live dealer has become incredibly popular.