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Despite its huge popularity, Live Three Card Poker can be safely called one of the easiest games. Even beginners in the world of gambling can easily learn how to play it. Today, thanks to the availability of numerous online casinos, users in the United Kingdom can play this amazingly interesting game anytime and anywhere. The only requirement is the presence of a device with an Internet connection.

According to the rules of the game, there can be an unlimited number of players at the same time. As many other card games, listed on the website, three-card poker uses a usual deck of 52 cards with no Jokers. The cards must be carefully shuffled after the end of each round.

The main task of the players is to win by collecting a stronger combination of three cards. At the beginning of the game, users are offered to make a basic initial bet “Ante” and two additional bets called “6 Card Bonus” and “Pair Plus”. After that, the player is given three cards in open, and the dealer gets his cards face down.

If the player is confident in the strength of his cards, he can press the Play button to double the initial bet. If he has doubts about his ability to win, there’s an opportunity to click the Fold button. In the case when the player and the dealer have equally strong combinations, the hand, where the cards of the higher rank are collected will win.

For example, three Queens will beat three Jacks. If the player and the dealer have received an equal number of points, the winner is the one who gets the highest “next” card, which is not an element of the main hand. This card is known as the “Kicker”. You need to remember that a straight from 3 cards is higher than a flush in this type of game, because it is much more difficult to collect.

According to the rules of Live Three Card Poker, there are the following combinations of cards:

  • Mini Royal is the sequence of Ace, King, and Queen of an equal suit;
  • Straight Flush is a set of three cards of a congruent suit, which are arranged hierarchically;
  • Triple is three cards of similar rank. Triple of Kings will beat a Triple of Jacks;
  • Straight is a set of 3 cards of different suits, successively arranged in a hierarchical order; The Straight, where the strongest card has the highest rank, will win. If the strongest cards are of the same value, the straights will be considered as equivalent, since the suits don’t take part in the competition in this case;
  • Flash ‑ 3 cards an equal suit, not in a sequential order. When analyzing two such combinations in various hands, it’s the rank of the highest card that is taken into account. In case they are equal in rank, the next cards according to the hierarchy are taken into account. The cards are analyzed, until the winner is identified;
  • Pair ‑ this combination is composed of two cards of identical ranking and one card of different value. A pair, the rank of which is higher, beats a pair of lower rank. If the ranks of pairs are the same, the kickers will be taken into account, in descending order;

The highest card ‑ three different cards that do not contain any of the above combinations. In this case, it’s only the largest card that is taken into account in the definition of winners.

In all online gambling Institutions, there are the following additional winning combinations of cards for the 6 Card Bonus:

  • Royal Flush is a straight consisting of cards from 10 to Ace with an identical suit;
  • Straight Flush ‑ 5 cards with an identical suit, which are ordered consecutively in a hierarchical arrangement;
  • Four of a kind ‑ the combination is formed from four cards of similar ranking and one card of another ranking. A set of four cards that is stronger in rank brings victory to the player;
  • Full House ‑ 3 cards of one ranking and 2 different. When the three cards are compared, cards of a higher rank win;
  • Flush ‑ any five cards of an identical suit, not in a sequential order. When comparing several flushes, the card of the highest rank is taken into account. If the highest cards are equal, the second highest card is taken into account, and so on until the winner is identified;
  • Straight ‑ 5 cards with different suits, arranged hierarchically; In the case of the Straights, the one where the strongest card has the highest rank also wins. If the highest cards have the same rank, the straights are considered equal, since the suit is not taken into account in this case;
  • Triple is a set of 3 cards of identical ranking and 2 cards of any other rank. The triple, which consists of cards of a higher rank, wins. If the ranks of several triples coincide in different hands, then the rank of “kickers” will be taken into account.

In all online casinos, for the qualification of the dealer’s hand, it is necessary that there was a Queen or a stronger card among his cards. If the dealer’s hand wasn’t qualified, the initial “Ante” bet provides the player with a win at a ratio of 1:1.

In this case, the Play bet is simply returned to the player. During the qualification of the dealer’s hand, combinations are compared, and a stronger one brings a win and a considerable cash prize. If your opponent wins, your bets are lost. In the case of a draw, which is possible under the condition of equal hands, both varieties of bets will be returned.

If a player makes a “Play” bet and receives a combination of Straight Flush, Triple or Straight, he takes “Ante Bonus” even if the round was won by the dealer. After making an additional bet of “Pair Plus”, the player gets his prize for a pair or more profitable combination in accordance with a special payout table, even if he folds the cards and the dealer becomes the winner. In the case of an additional bet of “6 Card Bonus”, the player wins when three of the six cards ‑ his and dealer’s ‑ form one of the sets from the five-card poker, such as a triple and a higher combination. In this case, the player also receives a prize based on the paytable even if the round was won by the dealer, and the player folded.

As you can see, the Live Three Card Poker rules are not too complicated. On the contrary, they are very interesting and don’t restrict guests of online casinos to simple observation of the game course, but give them real pleasure and a lot of emotions. In addition, they can bring real monetary gains. Information on other card games can be found at

Jimmy:1 April 2023 09:44 AM
It had been a while since my last live poker session and I was eager to dive back in. This time, however, things would be a bit different - instead of facing opponents across the table, we'd all be competing against each other virtually. The game? Live Three Card Poker.

I clicked on the 'play now' button and waited for the software to load. As the lobby opened up before me, I noticed there were quite a few players already seated. My heart raced with excitement as I chose an empty seat and joined the action.

The first hand dealt, I found myself holding two queens and a jack. Deciding to play it safe, I folded. The next couple of hands went by without much incident until I finally caught a glimpse of what I'd been waiting for - a strong starting hand. Holding three jacks, I couldn't help but feel confident in my chances this time around.

Several players had also made strong pairs or high cards, so the betting was fierce. When it got to me, I raised the stakes even further. Everyone else folded except one player who called my raise. We reveled our cards, and thankfully, I bested his pair of kings with my trio of jacks. Victory was mine!

My adrenaline pumping, I continued to play aggressively, making smart decisions based on the information available. By the end of the night, I managed to double my buy-in and cash out with a smile on my face.

Looking back on that evening, I can say that Live Three Card Poker provided me with an exhilarating experience that allowed me to flex my poker muscles from the comfort of my home.

Arthur:3 April 2023 11:52 PM
I had already placed my ante bet and was now eagerly awaiting the flop cards to be dealt. As they were revealed, one by one, my palms began to sweat. Would I make a strong hand or would it fall apart? With each card that was turned over, my focus sharpened, and my emotions ran wild.

When all three community cards were laid out, I carefully evaluated my options. Should I fold, call, or raise? Time seemed to slow as I weighed my choices. Finally, I decided to go all-in, putting everything on the line. The adrenaline rush made me feel alive, and I couldn't wait to see if my gamble would pay off.

The other players followed suit, revealing their own hands. In an instant, the game's outcome was determined. Mine wasn't the winning combination, but I didn't walk away empty-handed either. Instead, I gained valuable experience and can't wait to play again.

Jaime:4 April 2023 01:12 AM
I made my way to the Live Three Card Poker table, where I took my seat and eagerly waited for the game to begin. The dealer started by shuffling the deck and distributing cards to each player. As I studied my hand, I felt an overwhelming sense of confidence. This was going to be my night! I glanced at my opponents and could tell they were feeling the same energy that I did. We all had our eyes on the prize - the massive pile of chips in the center of the table.

The betting round commenced, and players began to fold or raise. Each decision was carefully weighed, and tensions rose with every move. When it got down to just three players, including myself, the stakes became even higher. It was time for the showdown.

One by one, we revealed our hands, and when it was my turn, I proudly displayed a royal flush. My heart leaped with joy as I watched my competitors' faces fall. They had been outplayed, and now it was official - I was the winner of the Live Three Card Poker tournament!

I couldn't believe it. My palms were sweaty as I reached forward to collect my well-deserved chips. The adrenaline rushing through me made me feel invincible. I wanted to celebrate but knew there were more games to play, so I calmly returned to my seat, ready to conquer more tables and claim even greater victories.

Perry:5 April 2023 03:25 AM
As a professional fashion model, I've had the opportunity to travel all over the world and meet fascinating people from diverse cultures. One such adventure took me to Macau, where I was invited to participate in an exclusive high-stakes poker game. The invitation came with strict confidentiality requirements, so I couldn't share my experiences with anyone back home. Now that I'm retired from the runway, I can finally open up about this unforgettable experience.

Upon arriving at the luxurious casino, I was ushered into a private room where the game would take place. There were six other participants, all of whom seemed like seasoned professionals. As the only female player, I felt a bit out of my element but tried not to show it. We began by playing three card poker, which is similar to traditional five-card draw but with fewer cards dealt face down to each player. Betting rounds followed, and the stakes kept rising as more players joined in.

The atmosphere remained tense yet cordial throughout the evening. My competitors were polite and courteous, but their focus never wavered from the task at hand. I found myself studying their tells and body language, trying to gauge their intentions. It reminded me of why I loved fashion shows; there's always a hint of drama and mystery in the air.

After several hours, the final betting round concluded, and everyone showed their hands. To my surprise, I had made it to the end without being eliminated. When the dust settled, one of the players had emerged victorious, taking home a substantial amount of money. As we said our goodbyes and parted ways, I reflected on how different Live Three Card Poker is from the online version. In person, you can read your opponents better and use subtle gestures to influence them, making for a much more engaging experience.

Harold:6 April 2023 12:11 PM
The dealer announced that we were about to start a new hand. I glanced around the table, taking note of my opponents - some seasoned veterans and others newer to the game. My heart raced as I placed my ante bet, signaling my intention to play.

The flop cards were dealt face up, and players began to form their hands. As the action unfolded, I found myself in a tight spot. Would I fold or would I continue? After careful consideration, I decided to call. The turn card didn't improve my situation much, so I chose to fold on the next round.

My focus now shifted to observing other players' strategies and looking for patterns. One player consistently raised pre-flop, while another always called after the flop. By paying attention to these details, I could better predict how they might behave in future rounds.

When the final card was dealt, everyone showed their hands. A few players had made straights, but none had managed to make a full house. I took a moment to calculate my winnings and losses before deciding whether to continue playing or cash out. In the end, I walked away with a modest profit, which I attributed to my ability to read opponents and adapt my strategy accordingly.

Jerry:7 April 2023 05:37 AM
This was my first time playing in such an exclusive high-stakes Live Three Card Poker, and I couldn't wait to show off my skills. The atmosphere in the dimly lit room was electric, as the scent of expensive cigars and wafting perfumes mingled in the air. My hands shook slightly as I placed my bets, but I forced myself to focus on the cards in play.

The dealer shuffled the deck expertly and dealt each player three face-down cards. As the players studied their handiwork, the tension in the room grew palpable. When the betting round began, I chose my spots carefully, raising when I had strong combinations and folding when I didn't. It wasn't long before other players started to notice my skill and increased the stakes accordingly.

When it came time for the showdown, I held a pair of kings and a jack, while another player showed a queen and two fours. We both went all-in, and the pot was awarded to me after the community cards failed to improve his hand. The adrenaline rush from that win kept me going until the next round, where I managed to double up once more. By the end of the night, I walked away with nearly $25,000 in chips – more than enough to cover my gambling debts and secure my spot among the elite in this notoriously cutthroat scene.

Shawn:8 April 2023 06:22 AM
As a professional broker, I've seen my fair share of high-stakes gambling games - but nothing quite compares to the rush of Live Three Card Poker. The adrenaline kicks in as soon as the cards are dealt; it's just you and your opponents, each with an equal chance at claiming the pot. My most memorable game was against a seasoned pro who always seemed to know exactly when to fold or raise. We were neck and neck throughout the match, exchanging subtle glances that spoke volumes about our hand values. In the end, it came down to the final showdown, where I held a pair of queens while he had three of a kind. With a calculated risk, I decided to call his bet, hoping for some help from the community cards. Miraculously, one of the fours hit the board, giving me a straight flush and the win! It was truly a game of skill, luck, and nerve, which is what makes Live Three Card Poker so addictive.
Walter:10 April 2023 04:56 PM
As the CEO of a large corporation, I'm used to making decisions that impact our business and its stakeholders. However, one evening at an exclusive poker tournament, I found myself in a completely different environment where my decision-making skills were put to the test - this time involving money and nerves of steel. The game was 'Three Card Poker,' a popular variation of the classic card game where players compete against each other to create the best hand using just three cards dealt face down.

The invitation-only event took place on a luxurious yacht moored off the coast of Monaco. As I stepped onto the vessel, I immediately noticed the tension in the air as seasoned professionals eyed their opponents with caution. My adrenaline started pumping when I spotted familiar faces from various industries, including a well-known investor and two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. We all had something to prove, and the high stakes made it even more intense.

I took my seat at the table and tried to focus on the game ahead. The rules were explained, and we placed our ante bets. As the first round began, everyone carefully examined their cards while calculating probabilities in their heads. Would anyone fold or would we see a showdown? It was thrilling to watch as each player strategized, trying to read the others' intentions.

When it came to my turn, I studied my cards closely before making my move. With a mix of excitement and apprehension, I decided to raise the ante. This bold move caught the attention of the table, and soon enough, others followed suit. The tension escalated as we waited for the next cards to be revealed. In a sudden twist, someone at the table hit a straight, forcing me to reevaluate my strategy. Nevertheless, I remained confident in my ability to outplay my opponents.

Round after round, the game went on, and the stakes kept growing. By the final hand, the pot was worth millions of dollars. Everyone was all in, and the atmosphere became electric. When the last card was turned over, it was clear who had won, but only by a hair. After careful deliberation, the dealer announced the winner, and the pot was awarded!

As the trophy was passed around the room, congratulating me on my victory, I couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment. Not only had I bested some of the world's top business minds, but I also walked away with a substantial amount of money. The exhilarating experience reminded me that sometimes, you just have to take risks and trust your instincts to come out on top.

Daisy:14 April 2023 07:19 AM
The dealer's voice of Live Three Card Poker table echoed through my headphones, giving instructions on how to place bets and participate in the game. My hands were sweaty as I fumbled with the chips, but I forced myself to focus on the cards being dealt.

The first hand was relatively quiet, with everyone folding except me. As the last card was dealt, I held an Ace high straight. My palms began to sweat even more as I considered whether to raise or not. Taking a deep breath, I decided to go all-in. To my relief, no one called my bluff, and I won the round easily.

The atmosphere at the table grew tense during the next few rounds. Players were aggressive, raising and re-raising each other. It made me nervous, but also excited. When it was finally my turn to act again, I studied the board carefully before deciding to call. Thankfully, I hit my pair on the river, which allowed me to scoop the pot.

By the time the final hand arrived, the stakes had been raised significantly. Everyone remained tight until the river card changed everything. One player went all-in, and everyone else quickly followed suit. With a strong pair in my hand, I knew this was my chance to shine. I called the all-in bet, and so did everyone else. We eagerly awaited the river card, which would determine the winner.

To my dismay, the community card revealed a third pair on the board. I watched in horror as the other players started to celebrate their wins. However, there was a glimmer of hope - one opponent had only two pairs. Could I be lucky enough to double up?

I cautiously placed my remaining chips into the middle, hoping that the gods of poker were smiling upon me. Miraculously, they were! The other player folded, and I took home the massive pot.

My heart was feeling a mix of elation and relief. Despite the nerves, I had managed to outplay several experienced players. Perhaps it was beginner's luck, but I didn't care; I had just won a significant amount of money.

Stella:17 April 2023 01:42 PM
As the sun sets, I find myself seated at my favorite virtual table, ready to play some Live Three Card Poker. To my left, a seasoned pro flicks his cards with expert precision, while on my right, a rookie eagerly asks for advice. This game never fails to captivate me.

The dealer shuffles the deck and deals each player three face-down cards. As the players examine their hands, tension fills the air. I take a deep breath, trying to focus on the task ahead. It's time to make my move. I decide to fold this round but can't help but wonder what would have happened if I had played. Would I be celebrating a big win or licking my wounds? There's only one way to find out...

The next hand begins, and once again, I feel that familiar rush of excitement. This time, I choose to raise the ante and see how others will react. They follow suit, and soon enough, we're all in. The dealer reveals the community cards, and it's showtime! One by one, we start to discard our lowest card until there are just two remaining. Mine is an ace, and so is my opponent's. We both smile, knowing the tiebreaker depends on the third card - the queen. Drama ensues as we wait for the final outcome. In the end, luck favors me, and I walk away victorious.

My eyes sparkle with delight as I rake in the chips, savoring the sweet taste of success. But I know that in this cut-throat world of Live Three Card Poker, every win is hard-fought and fleeting. So, I relish these moments while they last and dive back into the action, eager to test my mettle once more.

Lucy:18 April 2023 11:28 PM
The familiar sounds of a casino filled my ears. The bright lights and clinking coins were replaced with the soothing green glow of an online poker room. I was ready to play Live Three Card Poker - a game that combines elements of both poker and traditional card games like bridge.

I placed my ante on the virtual felt and waited for the cards to be dealt. My heart raced as I considered my options. Should I fold? Call? Or raise? Decisions, decisions...

The flop arrived, and I carefully evaluated my hand. Two pair, maybe? I decided to call, hoping for some luck on the turn.

Suddenly, another player went all in. It was their big blind, and they had nothing but air. I smiled, knowing this would make things easier. Sure enough, the next card revealed a third pair for me, giving me the majority of the high cards. Victory was mine!

My excitement only grew as I continued to dominate the table. Everyone seemed to be making mistakes or simply not paying attention. Perhaps it was the adrenaline rush from competing virtually, but I just couldn't help but feel invincible.

Finally, after several hours of intense play, I decided to cash out my chips. To my surprise, I had doubled my initial investment. Grinning from ear to ear, I reflected on how far I had come since my first days of online poker. Maybe next time, I'll try my luck at Live Four Card Poker.

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