Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a kind of poker in which the player must collect the combination of 5 cards, by means of 2 cards that belongs to him and 5 that lies on the game table.

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18+ New Players only. Gamble responsibly.


The main distinguishing features of this version are the higher bets and the presence of a live dealer on the screen. The game with a live dealer allows players to feel an online casino.

Enjoying a cozy home atmosphere, the client has the opportunity to communicate with the dealer, play with large bets, and watch the excellent 3D image from the studio.

Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em, like any other kind of Texas Hold’em, begins when the players make the initial Ante bet. The Ultimate version allows playing with the highest bets.

Prosperous players can get unreal thrills by risking large amounts of money. They enjoy the activity, where the casino can make good money and wealthy clients have the opportunity to increase their capital in the process of the simple game. There are certain restrictions for betting in different gambling clubs and halls in the World. Given that the combination of Royal Flush is paid at a ratio of 100:1.

Guests of virtual casinos need to collect a prize combination of 5 cards. For this purpose, they use two “pocket” cards that are dealt by the croupier at the beginning of the game, and 5 shared cards lying on the table. In the process of the game, one deck of 52 cards is used, which is shuffled.

When you open the Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em page, you see a real person on the monitor; his or her movements during deck shuffling and card distribution are perfectly visible. The broadcast is in HD format, from various angles, both from a distance and close-up. Advanced features of professional video cameras allow you to zoom in on subjects to view them as close as possible.


For players, the entire interface of the Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em game is in English. It is well designed, easy to use and effortlessly understandable. The game is played in normal and video mode.

Usually, in the normal mode, the screen is divided into two parts: the top and bottom ones. The top part of the playing field is subdivided into three panels.

Usually, the central panel is designed to broadcast live images from the studio, where there is a live dealer, who plays against the player sitting in front of the computer. At the top left of the screen, there is a button that allows players to turn off the image. At the top right, there is a button that switches the game to video mode.

In the video mode, the dealer standing near the gaming table is displayed on the whole screen. The picture increases and occupies the entire surface of your monitor. In this case, the player can place his bets directly on the gaming table, following the marking lines.

The left panel in the normal mode is located at the top of the screen and shows information about the current round.

Here you can see:

  • server time;
  • winning amount;
  • game code;
  • betting limits;
  • user’s bet size;
  • logs of latest games.

The right upper panel in normal mode is reserved for the chat window, allowing you to communicate with the dealer. In the chat, the player can write his question, and the dealer will answer it with his or her own voice, verbally.

The bottom half of the screen in normal mode displays the game table. Here you can find fields for betting, tabs with information on payment ratios, game boxes with the corresponding markings, and a special box for tips. This is very similar to a real gambling hall.

The main distinctive feature of the video game mode is a large image of the dealer, which is shown on the whole screen. Control buttons and information inserts pop up above the image, without interfering with the game.

Control Panel

Under the playing field, the control panel is located, where the current balance of the player’s account is displayed. On the panel, you can see buttons Cash, Menu, and Close. The “creeping line” prompts the player what he should do at the moment.

The fine-tuning menu, which is located on the very edge of the playing field, allows you to turn off the soundtrack, speed up the gameplay, and change the game mode.


Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em is an exciting, dynamic, and risky game. It is beautifully designed. The controls are intuitively clear, and the picture is of the highest quality. In some online casinos, the video is broadcast directly from a real gambling hall. A 3D video is broadcast from a specially designed studio with a beautiful interior, where you can see an attractive dealer.

Playing with a live dealer is allowed only for real money. Therefore, you won’t have the opportunity to practice in demo mode in the live version of the game. Prosperous players, who dream of a big win must choose one of the online casinos from the website, fill in the registration form without errors, and make a deposit. Right after that, they will receive an impressive welcome bonus.

After playing for a while, the players will be able to get all the privileges designed for regular visitors. Gifts, additional prizes, numerous tournaments, the cashback, and wonderful promotions are waiting for you.