Blackjack online is card game for those, who like to keep everything under control.

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18+ New Players only. Gamble responsibly.

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Blackjack has the same rules in gambling clubs of the United Kingdom and other countries. With the advent of the Internet, the rules of Blackjack have become even more unified. This allows people to freely enjoy the game and use his analytic abilities to get big prizes. And they don’t have to fly or go to offline gambling clubs elsewhere.

Minor differences

The rules of the game on the pages of different virtual casinos may have slight differences, but you will easily understand them when you start playing. The versions of Blackjack online differ from each other mainly with Bonuses, which are paid by each casino according to their own rules.

The full list of online gambling institutions can be found on the website.

One of the most popular versions of card games allows playing everyone. Entering the web page of a casino, many customers often want to remain anonymous. Virtual clubs in the United Kingdom are willing to provide this opportunity. Everyone, who loves risk, can afford to learn all the nuances of the game and try his mathematical abilities from online casino games.

Live game

All the croupiers in the World online casino, which offer the live game of Blackjack online, work seven days a week.

A polite dealer will always be glad, when you want to see him on your monitor screen. Navigate to the casino page, which is marked with the word “live”. There is a constantly working webcam that is installed in the hall with a green table, where you will see a live croupier, who works around the clock.

The webcam is equipped with a zoom function that allows you to see close-ups of some subjects. For example, a player can watch the hands of the dealer at the moments of handing and shuffling cards. This allows player to be sure of the fairness of the game. For the heart’s ease of the gambling club guests, this process is under the full control of the internal security service.

Multiple decks and boxes

Virtual Blackjack games are held with a large number of cards: from 6 to 8 decks. Experienced players claim that a large number of decks increases the likelihood of getting a big win.

The size of the maximum and minimum bet, which the player has the right to make, is indicated on the table. The bets can differ in different online casinos, and they can be higher or lower in different versions of the game. Each casino in the United Kingdom sets limits for betting according to its own rules. Some gambling clubs are focused on large wins, others on a variety of their sizes, from a few to thousands pounds.

The surface of the table for virtual Blackjack is divided into 7 boxes. The box labeled ANTE is where you can place your bet, if you decide to play. A client can play with any number of boxes at his own discretion. He only need to make a bet on each of them.

The main objective of playing Blackjack online is to score 21 points, but not more than that. If none of the players were able to get 21 points, the winner is the one, who has a score closer to 21 and more than the dealer.

Blackjack is played using “shuffle”, and in this case, a lot of decks can be used. At the end of the game, there usually remains no more than a third of the original number of cards. Their number is determined by the dealer, who puts the deck into the “Shoe” and separates the cards using a special cutting card. After each game, the cards shall be reshuffled.

The deck is shuffled by the dealer on the live page or by shuffle machine, if you’re playing with the computer. If a deck is shuffled by a machine, the cutting isn’t required. When it is shuffled by the croupier, he or she cuts the deck with the cutting card. You need to cut at least 52 cards, that is, one deck. Cutting card is a piece of plastic that is used for cutting of decks, it’s size is larger than a regular playing card.

One cutting card is put in the middle of the deck, and the second one covers the bottom card in order not to show it to players. The plastic card in the middle divides the deck into a playing part and a part that doesn’t play. The cut is made by the dealer in order to establish the limit for the game. The distribution of cards continues until the dealer’s hand reaches the plastic stop.

Beginning of the game

At the beginning of the game, the dealer takes the first three cards from the Shoe and puts them aside. As a rule, the first cards do not participate in the game of virtual Blackjack. Other cards are dealt starting from the fourth one.

After all the bets are made, cards are handed from left to right, looking from the dealer’s side. The first box will be the one to the left of the dealer. The ANTE chip is placed on it. This is the box, where the first card goes to.

The cards are dealt out in the open circle-wise, one card per each game place (box). The croupier hands out the cards to all players, including himself. The second card is dealt in a similar way: from left to right. However, the dealer doesn’t get the second card.

At this time, the player counts his points and decides for himself whether to get additional cards or to stop. Other players also make a decision from left to right, starting from the dealer. Each of them must independently make a decision for his sector.

After that, the banker deals cards for himself, up to 17 points. If he has 16 points, the distribution will be continued, but at 17 he must stop.

The player has the right to take additional cards, when he has any number of points except for 21 or Blackjack (Ace and ten after the first hand).

Having collected 17 or more points, the dealer evaluates the situation, pays the winnings and takes over the losing bets. The bets that are equal to the dealer’s one remain on the table.

If the dealing has brought you two cards of identical value, you can make a split. Players are allowed to do it three times. Remember that all cards from 10 to K are counted for 10 points, Ace for 11 or 1, and the rest at their face value. This means, split is allowed if you have, for example, a King and a ten, or two threes. So, if the player has got a Jack and a Queen, he places a bet equal to Ante and informs the dealer about his intention to make a split.

The dealer splits the cards of the player and puts additional cards on each of them. If its value turns out to be equal, the player can put one more chip, and the dealer splits the cards one more time. Now it’s a game for three bets. The above-mentioned situation can be repeated one more time. There must be not less that two cards on each box.

The split can’t be done if the player has got two aces. In this case, one card is put on each box and additional cards can not be taken.


The game also gives you the opportunity to double your chances by clicking on the DOUBLE button. In this case, the card is put face down and represents a kind of surprise for the player. Having two cards of any value in the box, the player can make an additional bet. It will be placed in the front, overlooking other players. The chip is put close to the main bet. The size of this bet cannot be less than the minimum possible bet size, but at the same time, it can’t exceed the Ante bet. This card is opened after the dealer has received all his cards. The dealer usually offers players to double the bet, if the following cards are dealt: 9; 10; 11.


The combination of any card with the value of 10 and the Ace in the first hand will be paid at a rate of 3:2. If only 1 box is played, the dealer will pay the winning for the Blackjack and remove cards from the table. The dealer won’t take more cards.

The player can choose the insurance against Blackjack if the dealer has a ten or an Ace after the first hand. If the dealer gets the Blackjack after you have insured your bet, you will get a compensation at a rate of a 2:1.

Blackjack consisting of an Ace and a ten is considered higher than a combination of simple cards, the sum of which is 21, for example, 7+3+7+4=21.

When the dealer has an excess of points, he must pay to all bets that are in boxes at a rate of 1:1.

After you have reviewed these rules on the website, you can safely start playing Blackjack online.

Miles:1 April 2023 02:54 AM
As I sat down at the virtual blackjack table, I couldn't help but feel excited. The thrill of playing my favorite casino game from the comfort of home was exhilarating. I placed my bet and waited for the cards to be dealt. Little did I know that this particular hand would change my life forever.

The dealer started with two cards each face up, one for me and one for him or herself. My initial hand consisted of an ace and a seven, which wasn't bad. However, it didn't have the potential for a big win like some other hands might have. As the dealer drew more cards, I watched closely, calculating odds in my head. When the final card was drawn, I made my move.

I decided to double down on my ace and seven combination. This meant that I would place another bet equal to my original wager. In return, I received just one more card. If it was a ten-value card, I would win; if not, I would lose both bets. Taking a deep breath, I hit the 'double' button. To my delight, the next card was indeed a ten, giving me a total of twenty points. The dealer, however, had exceeded twenty points, so I won both bets!

My heart raced as I counted my virtual chips. It seemed surreal that I had won such a significant amount of money without even leaving my living room. Grateful for the lucky streak, I continued to play until the wee hours of the morning. By the time I left the virtual table, I had increased my bankroll by several hundred dollars.

That fateful night ignited a passion within me for online blackjack. Since then, I have honed my skills and strategies, consistently winning more rounds than I lose. Playing blackjack online has become a rewarding pastime that provides excitement and entertainment while allowing me to supplement my income.

Jaxon:2 April 2023 04:35 PM
As I sat at my computer, the excitement of playing blackjack online was palpable. The thrill of competing against other players from around the world and the potential to win big had me eager to dive in. I chose a reputable website with high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay. After creating an account and depositing some funds, I was ready to start betting.

The variety of games available kept things interesting. Classic blackjack, multihand blackjack, and even live dealer blackjack were just a few options. Each type offered its own unique twist, keeping me engaged and challenged. As I played, I honed my strategy and fine-tuned my card counting skills. Winning streaks boosted my confidence while losing streaks made me push myself harder.

One of the best parts about playing blackjack online is that it allows for social interaction. Chatting with fellow players through the integrated messaging system added another dimension to the experience. We could discuss strategies, share stories, or simply have fun together. This camaraderie helped make the whole gaming session more enjoyable.

Over time, I've managed to improve my blackjack skills and increase my bankroll. Playing online has become a great way to pass the time and potentially earn extra money. It's also given me a sense of accomplishment and enhanced my love for this classic casino game.

Nathan:3 April 2023 01:22 PM
As I sat down at my computer, ready to play some blackjack online for the first time, I was filled with anticipation and excitement. The virtual table awaited me, shiny and new, just like the many other gaming options available on this popular website. Little did I know that within minutes, I would be completely engrossed in this thrilling card game - one where strategy meets luck in an exhilarating mix.

I started by choosing my preferred seat at the digital table; it didn't take long before others joined as well, each eager to put their skills to test. We placed our bets, from minimum amounts to substantial risks, depending on individual preferences or bankrolls. As the dealer dealt out cards, we studied opponents' faces and tried to gauge possible hands. When it came to mine, I carefully considered whether to hit, stand, double, split, or surrender based on the values of the cards in hand. Each decision mattered, and tension mounted with every move.

The interactions between players were friendly yet competitive, creating a unique atmosphere unlike any land-based casino experience. With chat features enabled, we could communicate easily without revealing identities if desired. This added layer of privacy suited me perfectly, given the illegal nature of such online gambling activities in certain jurisdictions.

Time flew quickly, and soon enough, it was time for everyone to show their cards. Winners celebrated modestly while losers licked their wounds, preparing for the next round. Before long, hours had passed, and despite initial skepticism regarding the fairness of these virtual games, I found myself thoroughly engaged in playing blackjack online.

Cameron:4 April 2023 08:13 AM
As I sat down at my computer one evening, eager to unwind after a long day of work, the thought never crossed my mind that within minutes, I would be immersed in an exhilarating game of blackjack - and winning big time! The internet provided me with countless options for playing this classic card game, but it was the allure of live dealer games that truly captured my interest. With just a few clicks, I found myself seated at a virtual table, surrounded by other players from around the world.The atmosphere was electric as we waited for the cards to be dealt. My heart raced with anticipation; every second felt like hours. As the bets were placed, I carefully evaluated each player's moves, studying their patterns and tendencies. When it finally came my turn to hit or stand, I made calculated decisions based on both intuition and strategy. Time seemed to slow down when I had a strong hand, yet sped up whenever I faced difficult odds.In what felt like no time at all, the final round of play commenced. To my delight, luck shone upon me, granting me several powerful hands that catapulted me into the lead. By the end of the night, not only did I walk away with more money than I started with, but also a newfound passion for playing blackjack online. Every subsequent session became even more thrilling, honing my skills while providing me with much needed relaxation.To this day, I cherish those memorable moments spent indulging in the excitement of live dealer blackjack, where the stakes were high and the rewards even greater.
Santiago:7 April 2023 10:51 AM
As I sat down at the virtual blackjack table, my heart raced with excitement. It was my first time playing blackjack online and I couldn't wait to see how it compared to the traditional casino experience. The interface was user-friendly and intuitive, making me feel right at home. I placed my bets cautiously, trying not to exceed the table limits. As the cards were dealt, I carefully assessed my hand and decided whether to hit or stand. To my surprise, the dealer busted twice in a row! My luck seemed to be holding up so far. Encouraged by this streak of fortune, I continued to play aggressively but responsibly. Before long, I had doubled my initial bankroll and was ready for more action. This exhilarating online gaming session reminded me why blackjack is one of my all-time favorite card games.
Cooper:8 April 2023 03:45 PM
I recently had the chance to play blackjack online, and it was an exhilarating experience! The interface was user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing me to focus on strategizing my gameplay. I loved that I could customize the table settings according to my preferences, making the gaming environment even more immersive. The variety of betting options made it appealing for both low and high stakes players like myself. The graphics were top-notch, with smooth animations and realistic card designs. Most importantly, the live dealer feature added a human element to the digital experience, making me feel connected to other players at the table. Overall, playing blackjack online has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had, and I can't wait to dive back into the action!
Easton:10 April 2023 12:59 AM
As a construction worker, I have had the opportunity to play blackjack online during my free time. The experience has been enjoyable and engaging so far. There is a wide variety of websites that offer this popular card game, making it convenient for me to find one that suits my needs.

The user interface on these platforms is straightforward and easy to navigate. It only takes a few clicks to access the desired table or tournament. Once seated at the virtual table, other players' bets and cards are easily visible. This allows for quick decision-making while playing.

One aspect I appreciate is the ability to adjust various settings such as table limits and number of decks used. These options let me tailor the gaming experience according to my preferences and budget. Additionally, many sites provide statistics and analytics which help improve my strategy over time.

Interacting with fellow players is smooth and hassle-free thanks to live chat features. Questions or concerns can be addressed quickly, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming session.

Overall, playing blackjack online as a construction worker has been a rewarding experience. The convenience, user-friendly interfaces, and customizable settings make it an ideal pastime during breaks.

Kai:11 April 2023 05:17 AM
As a police officer, I was initially skeptical when it came to playing blackjack online; however, after trying it out for myself, my doubts were quickly alleviated. The convenience of being able to play from the comfort of my own home combined with the thrill of competing against other players made me an instant fan. The variety of game options available allowed me to tailor the gaming experience to suit my preferences perfectly. One standout feature that truly impressed me was the ability to chat with fellow players during games, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere. Overall, playing blackjack online has been a delightful experience that I highly recommend giving a try!
Colton:12 April 2023 03:19 PM
As a seasoned worker, I can confidently say that playing blackjack online has been one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences I've ever had. The adrenaline rush from competing against real opponents from around the world is unmatched, and the thrill of winning big pots multiplies my enthusiasm tenfold. The convenience of being able to play on my own schedule, from the comfort of my home or while on patrol, has transformed what used to be leisure time into an engaging and productive pastime.

The variety of game options available caters to every type of player, ensuring that everyone finds their niche. From classic blackjack to more unusual variations like Spanish 21, there's something for everyone. For those who are new to the game, practice modes allow players to learn at their own pace without risking any money. Once you feel ready, jumping into real-money games is seamless with user-friendly interfaces and secure payment methods.

One aspect that truly sets online blackjack apart from other card games is its community aspects. Chat features enable players to interact with each other, creating a lively atmosphere where strategy, camaraderie, and friendly rivalries thrive. This sense of community fosters a welcoming environment that encourages novices and experts alike to hone their skills and enjoy the experience.

Overall, playing blackjack online has become not just a favorite pastime but also a valuable skill that enhances my problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills in both personal and professional life. It's a win-win situation that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for an exciting way to pass the time or even as a means to sharpen their mental agility.

Roman:13 April 2023 07:15 PM
As I sat at my desk, browsing through various websites for something to do during lunch break, an advertisement for PlayBlackJackOnline caught my eye. The allure of playing a classic card game from the comfort of my own home was too tempting to resist. After clicking on the ad and reading more about it, I discovered that not only could I play against virtual opponents but also win actual cash prizes. Intrigued by this prospect, I decided to give it a try.
Brooks:14 April 2023 04:22 AM
Blackjack is awesome! The thrill of competing against other players from around the world combined with the opportunity to win real money makes it an unbeatable gambling option.

The variety of game types and betting limits available ensures there's something for everyone, regardless of skill level or budget. For beginners like myself, practice modes let us hone our skills without risking any actual cash. Once we feel comfortable enough, we can switch to real-money games where the stakes are higher but so are the potential payouts.

One aspect that truly sets blackjack apart from other casino games is its focus on strategy and decision-making. Unlike slots or roulette, which rely heavily on luck, blackjack requires active thinking and calculation. We must carefully assess our hand, determine the best way to play it, and adjust our approach based on opponents' actions. This element of skill adds an exciting dimension to the game and keeps us engaged until the very end.

Another perk of online blackjack is the convenience it offers. With just a few clicks, we can access multiple tables simultaneously, allowing us to multi-task and maximize our earning potential. Furthermore, many sites provide mobile apps, making it possible to enjoy our favorite card game anywhere, anytime.

Overall, playing blackjack online has been a highly satisfying experience that combines excitement, challenge, and profitability. Whether you're new to the scene or a veteran player looking for a fresh twist, this popular pastime delivers an adrenaline rush unlike any other.

Ian:15 April 2023 09:44 AM
As I sat down at my computer, the excitement of playing blackjack online was palpable. It had been years since I'd played in a casino, and now I could enjoy the thrill from the comfort of my own home. I opened an account with one of the popular online casinos and deposited some money. The interface was user-friendly, and within minutes, I found myself seated at a virtual table.

The game began, and I felt a rush as I placed my bets. My heart raced when it was my turn to hit or stand. As cards were dealt, I carefully evaluated my hand and made strategic decisions. When the dealer showed their hole card, I knew whether I would win or lose. With each round, I honed my skills and built my confidence. Soon enough, I started winning consistently, and my bankroll grew.

One evening, after several hours of play, I decided to cash out my winnings. To my surprise, the site offered me a bonus for meeting certain requirements. Overwhelmed by joy, I continued playing until I met the criteria. A few days later, the extra money arrived in my account, which allowed me to increase my bet sizes even more.

Online blackjack has become not only a way to pass time but also a source of entertainment and income. Every day, I look forward to logging on and testing my luck against other players around the world.

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