Blackjack online is card game for those, who like to keep everything under control.

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Blackjack has the same rules in gambling clubs of the United Kingdom and other countries. With the advent of the Internet, the rules of Blackjack have become even more unified. This allows people to freely enjoy the game and use his analytic abilities to get big prizes. And they don’t have to fly or go to offline gambling clubs elsewhere.

Minor differences

The rules of the game on the pages of different virtual casinos may have slight differences, but you will easily understand them when you start playing. The versions of Blackjack online differ from each other mainly with Bonuses, which are paid by each casino according to their own rules.

The full list of online gambling institutions can be found on the website.

One of the most popular versions of card games allows playing everyone. Entering the web page of a casino, many customers often want to remain anonymous. Virtual clubs in the United Kingdom are willing to provide this opportunity. Everyone, who loves risk, can afford to learn all the nuances of the game and try his mathematical abilities from online casino games.

Live game

All the croupiers in the UK online casino, which offer the live game of Blackjack online, work seven days a week.

A polite dealer will always be glad, when you want to see him on your monitor screen. Navigate to the casino page, which is marked with the word “live”. There is a constantly working webcam that is installed in the hall with a green table, where you will see a live croupier, who works around the clock.

The webcam is equipped with a zoom function that allows you to see close-ups of some subjects. For example, a player can watch the hands of the dealer at the moments of handing and shuffling cards. This allows player to be sure of the fairness of the game. For the heart’s ease of the gambling club guests, this process is under the full control of the internal security service.

Multiple decks and boxes

Virtual Blackjack games are held with a large number of cards: from 6 to 8 decks. Experienced players claim that a large number of decks increases the likelihood of getting a big win.

The size of the maximum and minimum bet, which the player has the right to make, is indicated on the table. The bets can differ in different online casinos, and they can be higher or lower in different versions of the game. Each casino in the United Kingdom sets limits for betting according to its own rules. Some gambling clubs are focused on large wins, others on a variety of their sizes, from a few to thousands UK pounds.

The surface of the table for virtual Blackjack is divided into 7 boxes. The box labeled ANTE is where you can place your bet, if you decide to play. A client can play with any number of boxes at his own discretion. He only need to make a bet on each of them.

The main objective of playing Blackjack online is to score 21 points, but not more than that. If none of the players were able to get 21 points, the winner is the one, who has a score closer to 21 and more than the dealer.

Blackjack is played using “shuffle”, and in this case, a lot of decks can be used. At the end of the game, there usually remains no more than a third of the original number of cards. Their number is determined by the dealer, who puts the deck into the “Shoe” and separates the cards using a special cutting card. After each game, the cards shall be reshuffled.

The deck is shuffled by the dealer on the live page or by shuffle machine, if you’re playing with the computer. If a deck is shuffled by a machine, the cutting isn’t required. When it is shuffled by the croupier, he or she cuts the deck with the cutting card. You need to cut at least 52 cards, that is, one deck. Cutting card is a piece of plastic that is used for cutting of decks, it’s size is larger than a regular playing card.

One cutting card is put in the middle of the deck, and the second one covers the bottom card in order not to show it to players. The plastic card in the middle divides the deck into a playing part and a part that doesn’t play. The cut is made by the dealer in order to establish the limit for the game. The distribution of cards continues until the dealer’s hand reaches the plastic stop.

Beginning of the game

At the beginning of the game, the dealer takes the first three cards from the Shoe and puts them aside. As a rule, the first cards do not participate in the game of virtual Blackjack. Other cards are dealt starting from the fourth one.

After all the bets are made, cards are handed from left to right, looking from the dealer’s side. The first box will be the one to the left of the dealer. The ANTE chip is placed on it. This is the box, where the first card goes to.

The cards are dealt out in the open circle-wise, one card per each game place (box). The croupier hands out the cards to all players, including himself. The second card is dealt in a similar way: from left to right. However, the dealer doesn’t get the second card.

At this time, the player counts his points and decides for himself whether to get additional cards or to stop. Other players also make a decision from left to right, starting from the dealer. Each of them must independently make a decision for his sector.

After that, the banker deals cards for himself, up to 17 points. If he has 16 points, the distribution will be continued, but at 17 he must stop.

The player has the right to take additional cards, when he has any number of points except for 21 or Blackjack (Ace and ten after the first hand).

Having collected 17 or more points, the dealer evaluates the situation, pays the winnings and takes over the losing bets. The bets that are equal to the dealer’s one remain on the table.

If the dealing has brought you two cards of identical value, you can make a split. Players are allowed to do it three times. Remember that all cards from 10 to K are counted for 10 points, Ace for 11 or 1, and the rest at their face value. This means, split is allowed if you have, for example, a King and a ten, or two threes. So, if the player has got a Jack and a Queen, he places a bet equal to Ante and informs the dealer about his intention to make a split.

The dealer splits the cards of the player and puts additional cards on each of them. If its value turns out to be equal, the player can put one more chip, and the dealer splits the cards one more time. Now it’s a game for three bets. The above-mentioned situation can be repeated one more time. There must be not less that two cards on each box.

The split can’t be done if the player has got two aces. In this case, one card is put on each box and additional cards can not be taken.


The game also gives you the opportunity to double your chances by clicking on the DOUBLE button. In this case, the card is put face down and represents a kind of surprise for the player. Having two cards of any value in the box, the player can make an additional bet. It will be placed in the front, overlooking other players. The chip is put close to the main bet. The size of this bet cannot be less than the minimum possible bet size, but at the same time, it can’t exceed the Ante bet. This card is opened after the dealer has received all his cards. The dealer usually offers players to double the bet, if the following cards are dealt: 9; 10; 11.


The combination of any card with the value of 10 and the Ace in the first hand will be paid at a rate of 3:2. If only 1 box is played, the dealer will pay the winning for the Blackjack and remove cards from the table. The dealer won’t take more cards.

The player can choose the insurance against Blackjack if the dealer has a ten or an Ace after the first hand. If the dealer gets the Blackjack after you have insured your bet, you will get a compensation at a rate of a 2:1.

Blackjack consisting of an Ace and a ten is considered higher than a combination of simple cards, the sum of which is 21, for example, 7+3+7+4=21.

When the dealer has an excess of points, he must pay to all bets that are in boxes at a rate of 1:1.

After you have reviewed these rules on the website, you can safely start playing Blackjack online.