Poker online is the most famous card game, which use the deck with 52 card, additionally the large variety kinds of poker allows to people play between themselves and against online casino.

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One of the reasons for their popularity is the fact that card games “got a second life” with the advent of the Internet. Today, virtually all web users have a real opportunity to play their favorite types of lucrative entertainment online. All major reliable online casinos in the United Kingdom provide their guests with the opportunity to play this exciting game. And in most popular online casinos, the list of which can be found at, you’ll be able to play Poker online for absolutely free. Thus, you will greatly enhance your playing skills.

The history of the famous poker game goes back to ancient times. A game, in some ways similar to modern types of poker, existed in many countries of Europe about 500 years ago. To date, there is no consensus on where the name originated from. Some people tend to believe that the name of the popular game comes from the German word “pochen” ‑ to knock. Others believe that the original word for the game name is the English word “pocket”. The game’s modern version was introduced to players around the 20-30s of the 19th century, when decks consisting of 52 cards were used for the first time.

Every man, who played poker at least once, is aware of how risky, exciting and profitable this legendary card game can be. Not surprisingly, poker is considered one of the most popular and demanded types of gambling. Professional players earn millions of dollars on their hobby at various tournaments that are held in all corners of the world.

You need to master the basic principles and rules of the game, to understand all its nuances and tricks for effective struggle against opponents. In this case, you will be able to receive not only pleasure of playing Poker online, but also real money gains. The free game mode without registering an account allows you to do it without risk. This game mode is available in virtually all major online gaming establishments with a proven reputation.

As we have already mentioned, it is strongly recommended that you first learn the theoretical part in order to successfully play poker and other games. As for the Poker online itself, it should be noted that today many online casinos and game clubs in the United Kingdom offer their users different versions of the game. Some of them are great for newcomers to the world of gambling, while others are better to use after getting the necessary minimum of basic knowledge.

One of the most popular versions of poker is Texas Hold’em, an exciting and fascinating game. In addition to it, collections of games in online casinos also contain other versions of the game, including some quite unusual alternatives. You can find their descriptions on the website. For example, gamblers in the World have the opportunity to play the three-card poker, which is played according to rather uncommon rules. In addition, one of the absolute advantages of this version is that it’s much easier to learn for new gamblers. In this game, players will compete in skills and experience luck not with other real players, but with a virtual dealer.

For example, the Texas Hold’em is much more challenging in this sense, although this version also doesn’t have any rules that are extremely difficult to understand. All players can learn the rules of any kind of poker directly during the game, if they want. The free game mode doesn’t require to create an account and assumes the absence of any monetary risks and getting real pleasure. The game is played on virtual money and doesn’t impose any obligations on users. Once the player feels that he is ready to risk his money, it’s time to start playing with real bets in order to be able to get a big win.

Poker online is a game that runs directly in your browser window. To start playing it, the user must join one of the gaming tables, where there are available seats.

Users create these tables themselves, so they have the right to specify their types:

  • Public;
  • Private.

The latter is designed to play with friends when third-party users don’t have the opportunity to join the game.

When creating a game table, the user also specifies the number of players, the minimum possible bet size, and the type of bets: Limited, unlimited, and pot-limited (the amount of the bet cannot exceed the size of the bank).

When playing Poker online, you also need to set the time period for players to make a move. The fact is that the opponent at the table may get hung up, be dropped out of the game, or leave it for a long time. In this case, the rest of the users will have to wait until their opponent is restored, which can cause some inconvenience.

In the beginning, all players make a base bet, and then everyone at the table will get 5 cards. After that comes the round of betting, when players can raise bets, leave the game, or stay on the base bet depending on what cards they have. After the round of betting, the card exchange stage begins, when each player can change one or all of the cards without opening them. After the exchange of cards, the round of betting starts again, and when it is completed, the cards are opened. The player, who has the highest poker combination (hands) is considered the winner.

Poker online has the following hands:

  • Royal Flush ‑ consists of 5 cards of the same suit;
  • Straight Flush ‑ 5 cards of sequential rank, and of the same suit;
  • Quad (Four of a kind) ‑ 4 cards of the same rank;
  • Full House (Boat) ‑ 3 cards of identical rank and a pair of another rank;
  • Flush ‑ 5 cards of the same suit;
  • Straight ‑ 5 cards of sequential rank with different suits;
  • Three of a kind (trips) ‑ three cards of the same rank;
  • Two pairs ‑ 2 cards of the same rank and 2 cards of another rank;
  • One pair ‑ 2 cards of the same rank.

If at the opening of the cards, no player has such combinations, the holder of the highest card becomes the winner.

Professional Poker online playing is a great art, which you can learn in many online casinos in the United Kingdom.