Casino Hold’em Online is probably the most popular type of poker, where the players play against each other.

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Casino Hold’em is played with a regular deck of 52 cards. Online casino protects your personal information.

Virtual battles are carried out according to the rules adopted in all offline gambling establishments, as well as in numerous online sites. The main feature of online playing are the professionalism of the players.

Many virtual casinos have halls, where the game is played in live mode with a real dealer. Besides, there is a webcam that constantly watches all movements of the gambling club employee. This allows the player to monitor the integrity of the dealer’s actions, including the way the deck are being shuffled, and the distribution of cards.

A special camera feature, which is called Zoom, allows the player to zoom in on all items, and take a look at their close-up. You will be able to constantly monitor the progress of the game and make sure that the dealer follows the rules. For the cases, when the player doesn’t agree with the round results, some gambling halls have the option of recording and slow detailed replay of the game. All these clubs are listed at website.

Betting limits are openly specified on each virtual gaming table. You have the right to make bets in the amount between the minimum and maximum figures specified in the pop-up window on the screen of the casino page. One gambling club can have tables with different restrictions. Therefore, players can choose a place for playing depending on how much money they have.

Casino Hold’em Online can be also played in a free demo mode. All beginners can practice as much as they want without any problems. This will allow them to understand the rules and to learn how to make bets while losing and winning only virtual coins.

Each table has a full set of chips, from which the players can choose the most suitable ones. The chips can be of different colors and values. To select the right one, you just need to click on its image on the screen by pressing the left mouse button on your computer. The next click indicates the point at which the chip should be placed.

Features of the Casino Hold’em

In this version of the board game, the confrontation is between the players. The main task of the player is to collect the most profitable group of 5 cards lying on the table, and two additional ones that can be obtained from the dealer.

The round starts with the Ante bet. In online clubs of the United Kingdom, players have the right to place bets in the amounts from one to a hundred ANTE.

When all bets are made, the dealer gives two more cards face down to every player and to himself. Additionally, the dealer lays three open cards in the middle of the table.

It’s all in your hands now! The player assesses the situation and takes one of the two decisions:

  • to place an additional BET in the amount of two ANTE bets and to continue the round;
  • to stop the round by folding the cards. In this case, the player’s ANTE bet will be lost.

If the player decided to continue the round, the dealer places two more open cards in the middle of the table ‑ the so-called “shared” cards. As a result, all participants in the round will have 7 cards: 5 shared cards on the table and 2 in player’s hands or pockets.

Further, the cards of the dealer and of other players are opened, the combinations are compared with each other and the winners receive rewards.

The dealer participates in the game, if he has a pair of fours or a higher combination. When the croupier has no playing combination, players can only win the ANTE bet.

If the dealer can participate in the game, but his cards are weaker than the player’s, the latter gets back all his bets in doubled size. If the dealer has better cards, the player loses all his bets.

The rules do not specify how many personal and shared cards should be included in the prize-winning pool.

Winning combinations

Here are all combinations arranged in descending order:

  • Royal Flush: 5 sequential cards ranging from 10 to Ace of identical suits, the Ante is paid at a ratio of 100:1;
  • Straight Flush: 5 sequential playing cards that have identical suits, 20:1;
  • Four of a Kind: 4 playing cards, all of one rank, 10:1;
  • Full House: 3 playing cards of one rank and 2 cards that are different from the first three, that is, a triple plus a pair, the ratio is 3:1;
  • Flush: 5 cards with identical suits, but not of sequential rank, 2:1;
  • Straight: 5 cards of sequential rank, but with different suits, 1:1;
  • Three of a Kind: 3 playing cards of the same rank, 1:1;
  • Two Pairs: 2 playing cards of one rank plus 2 cards of another rank, 1:1;
  • Pair: 2 playing cards of identical rank, 1:1;
  • High Card: a card of the highest rank, it wins, if nobody has any winning combination, the ratio is 1:1.

When playing Casino Hold’em Online in any of the UK online casinos, the Joker is removed from the deck, and no other card has the right to play its role.

Bets and prizes

This version of poker uses three types of bets.

ANTE ‑ the starting bet that is always made before the cards are dealt, which creates an intrigue.

It is paid in accordance with the table of winnings, the ratios were specified above.

BET is a bet equal to the double size of the Ante. It confirms the player’s decision to continue the round and to compare his hand with the dealer’s one. This bet will be paid at a ratio of 1:1, if the dealer has good enough cards and can continue the game.

BONUS (AA) is a bonus bet, the player receives a prize if there will be two Aces or a higher combination in the 5 first cards. This bet is allowed only if the Ante bet has already been made. Prizes for this bet are paid according to the specified coefficients, even if the basic bet is lost.

The coefficients for the Bonus bet are higher than for other bets, where the risk is determined initially. The range of the Bonus bets is usually much wider, too.

Gain experience and register an account

Using virtual chips in demo mode, you can make the first ANTE bet of up to 10 pounds. In this case, the BET will be 20 pounds. The free mode will help you understand the intrigue of the card game, and learn all its subtleties and nuances.

If you have decided to play for real money, find a good UK online gambling establishment, register an account, make a deposit, and receive significant bonuses. You can also participate in profitable tournaments and promotions, information about which is available at The most regular players enjoy certain privileges, receive gifts and numerous bonuses.