Roulette online is the one of the most exciting gambling games, no one person can’t open it secrets for this moment.

The best online casinos for playing Roulette online

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18+ New Players only. Gamble responsibly.

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18+ New Players only. Gamble responsibly.


The modern computers, which can now be found in every house in the United Kingdom, allow remote access to any gambling hall.

Unlimited Internet allows you to buy chips of any value and make the most favorable bets. As we have already said on the website, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the numerous bonuses and privileges that are offered by the following gambling establishments:

You shouldn’t think that roulette is for the well-off people only. Even if you don’t have money, but have a reliable Internet connection, you can spin the roulette wheel in demo mode on the gambling club’s website.

Types of roulette

Reviewing the rules of the game in the demo mode, an inexperienced gambler discovers that there are several varieties of roulette in the United Kingdom:

  • American;
  • European;
  • French.

Inventive programmers constantly come up with new kinds of games, but their rules don’t differ so much from classical ones. You need to carefully read the rules, before you start playing any of the new versions of. The website gives you this opportunity. The rules of the roulette online are simple and learning it basics will not require much time.

Some additional features increase your excitement, add diversity to the plot of the game and increase the likelihood of getting a good reward.

The roulette table design

The word Roulette (borrowed from the French language) is literally translated as a small wheel. If you look at the table for playing the Roulette online, you will see a rectangular field on which squares and sectors with numbers are drawn. Nearby, there is a rotating wheel with black and red sectors, and also numbers. Some versions of the game also have an oval drawn on the field, which is divided into multi-colored parts and called a track. It also has a row of printed figures and is intended for additional bets that are made in spoken form.

Players make their bets on a rectangular field, which is lined and numbered. To make a bet, you need to put a chip in the place that seems potentially winning to you. The chips can be of different values and colors. In addition, each casino in the UK puts a distinctive symbol on them: their logo.

In online roulette, you must click on the chip to choose it. With the next click, you specify the place, where you are going to put the chip. The bet can be made on one of 37 numbers (click in the middle of a square) or simultaneously on four numbers, by clicking in the middle of the intersection of lines between squares.

Beginner gamblers in the United Kingdom like to bet on one of two colors, odd/even, a dozen, a half, two neighboring numbers or on a whole column of numbers. A very tempting idea is to make several bets simultaneously, taking into account the possibility of falling the ball on the zero.

However, don’t get too excited. There are some restrictions on each roulette table, such as:

  • the minimum allowed bet;
  • the maximum possible sum of all accepted bets.

On the virtual page of an online casino, you won’t be able to make such a mistake. As soon as the bet size exceeds the acceptable limit, a window will pop up on the screen, reminding you about the restrictions for this game.

When playing roulette with a track, you can also place your bets on an additional oval field.

At the edge of the field, there is a “base”, where all the unused chips lie. There is also a groove next to the player, where the player can store all the chips selected for the current game. So, they are always at hand and you can use them at any time. There are also several control buttons. Clicking on them, you start the rotation of the wheel, make bets, double them, or repeat the previous ones.

On the live Roulette online page, you will be served by a live croupier, who is a casino employee in person. When all bets are made, the dealer starts rotating the wheel and throws a small white ball in the direction opposite to the roulette. The black-and-red game circle is designed in such a way that its surface is covered with slots where numbers are printed. The ball hits the ledges of the roulette’s slots and jumps until the wheel stops. The ball stops in one of the slots.

In a simple version of Roulette online, everything happens automatically, and cheating is not possible. On the page with a real croupier, the player has the opportunity to observe the movements of the dealer and the ball. This is done using a webcam, the viewing angle of which allows covering the entire hall. You can also take a close-up of the croupier’s hands at the time he throws the ball. Using the zoom function, you can see with your own eyes how and when the ball stops. Thus, you make sure that no one produces any action with the ball at this moment.

When the game ball completely stops in a slot, the number and color of the slot are displayed in the special window. The dealer or computer oversees all bets, pays the wins and removes the remaining chips from the field. The information about winning or losing appears on the player’s page.

The screen prompts you to repeat, to double or to make new bets. The next round begins with the selection of bets, the wheel rotates in another direction, and the ball moves towards it, respectively.

When playing with the live dealer in the UK, there is a special figurine, which indicates the winning number: a “Dolly”.

Imagine how difficult it is for a croupier not to get confused in various bets, to quickly calculate and pay out the winnings. In virtual roulette, all calculations are instantaneous and automatic and are controlled by the player’s interests protection service.

Regular and honest online casino players enjoy privileges and bonuses, participate in various tournaments, lotteries, and promotions, receive gifts.

Wealthy UK players have an excellent opportunity to go to Junket tour, where a casino will pay for their travel, accommodation and visiting the gambling hall. If you decide to please yourself with such an exciting adventure, it is enough to fulfill the conditions that are accepted in this gambling institution. These may include a certain number of hours spent in a luxurious gambling hall or a certain number of bets. That is, you need to make bets for the amount not less than specified in the rules. Playing to the Roulette online for this moment is more profitable, than going to Junket tour.

If you want to experience the happiness of victory and to enjoy the old fascinating game, you need to register your account in one of the online casinos to your liking. Their list can be found on the website.