European roulette online is the most popular type of roulette, the main distinction of it is balanced rules.

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Today, there are a lot of new versions of roulette with a variety of additional features and options. You can read about them on the website. All you need is to choose one of the popular virtual casinos.

A good computer and unlimited access to the Internet are sufficient to get into the luxurious gambling hall, where people play European roulette online. Simple rules of classical roulette were inherited by the European version of this gambling entertainment, featuring friendly options and an exciting storyline.

The French and American versions of the game are slightly different from the European roulette. For example, there are two Zero sectors on the table, designed for the American version of the roulette. In the French version, there is a special option, which allows players to continue the game, even they get the Zero.

The rules of the European roulette depend primarily on the design of the table. At the edge of the table, there is a freely rotating wheel, which is divided into 37 sectors of black and red. One additional sector with the digit 0 (zero) has a green color.

To place a bet, a player must put one or more chips on the field, which is drawn on the surface of the green table. However, the virtual version of the roulette allows you to change the color of the table to your liking. To do this, you should find the option in the settings of the game page.

Chips can be different, too. They differ from each other not only in colors, but also in their value. The prices of chips for a particular table depend on which minimum and maximum value are set. The limits are determined by the gambling institution where you’ve decided to play.

Other differences between the chips

In the UK online casinos, chips typically feature a symbol that is characteristic for the given gambling institution.

So, when you pick up a chip, you will know how much it costs and that it is considered the internal currency of the casino. At any time, it can be exchanged for ordinary money. In a regular casino, chips are bought at the cash deck. In the UK online casinos, all the chips are located on the table at the “Base” or in the “Float”. To select a chip, you should click on one of those that are located near the control buttons.

After the player has chosen chips with which he will play, he must click on the section of the table, where his bet should be placed. It’s possible to select several such sections, that is, the player is able to make several clicks. For example, if you click on the square with the number 6, the selected chip will be placed in this square.

You can place several chips on one square: all you need is to repeat the click several times.

Besides, you are able to place your chips on various points:

  • squares with numbers from 1 to 37 and 0 (zero);
  • sectors of different colors;
  • oddness or evenness of the winning number;
  • one of the dozens, columns, large or small numbers;
  • two, three or four numbers at a time.

Don’t forget about some restrictions that are shown in a special pop-up window. The bet can’t be less than the allowed minimum, while the total amount of bets must not exceed the maximum allowed for this table.

First of all, you should remember that chips with a small value win as often as the most expensive ones. Therefore, every guest of a virtual gambling hall in the United Kingdom is able to feel the taste of victory. The free version of the game allows all players to get some practice and a lot of adrenaline, listening to the sounds of victory and admiring the growth of their gaming accounts.

The amounts of payments depend both on the chip’s value and on the level of risk. After all, every section of the surface of the gaming table on which the bet is made has its own degree of risk and the possibility of winning.

The bets are paid at different ratios:

  • Straight (the highest risk) ‑ when the chip is placed on only one number ‑ the ratio is 35:1;
  • Split ‑ when the chip is placed on the line between two numbers ‑ 17:1;
  • Street ‑ the chip is placed on the left or right border of the transverse row and touches three sectors with numbers ‑ the ratio is 11:1;
  • Corner ‑ the situation where the chip is located in the center of the intersection between four numbers ‑ the ratio of 8:1;
  • Double Street ‑ the chip is located on the line opposite the row of 6 numbers ‑ the ratio is 5:1.

All the above-mentioned bets are inside ones.

Outside bets are the following:

  • the bet on the column ‑ is located above any of the three columns and covers 12 numbered squares ‑ is paid in a ratio of 2:1;
  • on a half of numbers: from 1-18, or from 18-37 ‑ 2:1;
  • even or odd, red or black, a dozen ‑ 2:1.

As you can see, the probability of getting prizes is very high.

Zero in European roulette

Some virtual casinos in the United Kingdom use additional options that increase the excitement of the game on their pages with European roulette. The list of such gambling institution can be found on the website. One of such options applies to the Zero sector.

It will work in the case when the player bets on equal chances, that is, one of the variants that have a ratio of 2:1 (a column, a dozen, odd/even, etc.). After such a bet, if the ball stops in the Zero sector, the Prison option will be activated. The bet becomes “imprisoned” and remains valid for the next round of the game.

Another additional option is La Partage. It is used in similar cases: the player bets on an equal chance with a ratio of 2:1, and the ball stops in the Zero sector. However, the player loses half of his bet in this case.

Starting a game in one of gambling establishments, you should take an interest in the availability of additional options they have.

If you are not confident in your abilities, learn all the nuances of the game, playing in a demo mode. After that, you can safely register your account and receive your prizes.