5 Reel Drive slot machine offers players a ride with a fun company, where you can eat donuts and delicious fried potatoes.

Developers from Microgaming have managed to create a unique slot that has all the advantages of classic gaming machines. It features a fascinating storyline, recognizable visual style, dynamic gameplay, and generous payouts for winning combinations.

The main screen of the 5 Reel Drive slot machine consists of several key elements:

  • Main reels;
  • Control block;
  • Information box;
  • Additional sections with tips.

The game meets the gamblers with bright colors and picturesque images, typical for the subjects of travel and car racing. All the fields and the overall appearance of the slot are designed in the same style. A pleasant soundtrack based on the themes of cars and races complements the general gameplay.

In the center of the screen, there are the game reels. They consist of 5 vertical rows of pictures that rotate in a random order. As a result of each rotation, users can collect prize combinations from the icons on the reels of the slot. The pictures share a common theme among themselves. All combinations are collected from left to right and offer the player a wide variety of different sequences of images.

The game can be played with a maximum of 9 active pay lines. The more lines will be selected by the player, the greater his chances of success.

The overall interface of the 5 Reel Drive slot machine is fairly simple and compact. All the basic controls are exactly, where they must be, visual effects and video are pleasing to the eye, and the animation of all actions on the screen is very smooth. The user can maximize the gameplay to the full screen or turn off the sound, if he wants to play in silence. For this purpose, there are small icons in the upper-right corner of the screen.

New players can quickly master the interface: they will start to play the slot in a free demo mode and will understand all the nuances in just a few minutes.

Features of 5 Reel Drive gambling machine

The 5 Reel Drive slot machine, like any other slot, is focused on building combinations of symbols. The slot’s wide range of available images features high-quality graphics with a bright palette of colors.

The unique symbols on the slot reels include the following images:

  • A universal Scatter symbol in the form of a police car. Having collected 3 or more of these images on the reels, the player will be able to significantly strengthen the winning combination and receive a generous prize;
  • A special Wild symbol in the form of a road sign. This picture is universal and can substitute for any other symbol except for the Scatter;
  • A burning wheel;
  • A truck driver;
  • A glamorous woman in a pink car;
  • A rich daddy’s son on a sports car;
  • A cheeseburger;
  • Dice;
  • French fries;
  • A bottle of Coca Cola;
  • Blueberry pie;
  • A cup of coffee with a doughnut.

You should take a serious approach to the game process and constantly improve your skills. To do this, try a free version of the virtual emulator. Play a few games using demo credits. In this case, you’ll eliminate the risk of losing your money and can develop your own methods and strategies for the game.

The second important point is your approach to the game: carefully learn and remember all combinations, monitor the size of payments and the correlation between the size of the bet and the amount of payment.

Third, you should apply mathematical calculations and statistical analysis to your benefit. To do this, play with all 9 lines activated and use all the tricks that will give you an advantage during the game.

If you use these tips, the game will become much more profitable for you.

For interaction of players with the 5 Reel Drive slot machine, there is a control block located at the bottom of the screen. It presents a set of buttons, including:

  • Spin: turns on rotation of the reels;
  • Select Lines: allows you to select the number of active pay lines;
  • Auto Play: triggers the rotation of the reels in the automatic mode;
  • “+” and “-”: adjusting the size of the bet step by step;
  • Bet Max: sets the maximum size of the bet;
  • 5x/10x: these buttons define the number of consecutive spins;
  • Regular/Expert: an additional add-on for the control block that extends its functionality for experienced gamblers;
  • Help: an additional section, where you can get some tips and read the game rules.

The 5 Reel Drive slot from Microgaming has turned out to be quite an interesting and fascinating gaming emulator. It perfectly combines all the advantages of classic slot machines and a pleasant visual component of racing games.

All players will be happy to have a ride at high speed and to earn some extra money at the same time.