Arctic Fortune slot machine will especially appeal to connoisseurs of Scandinavian culture.

Under the guidance of harsh and courageous Vikings, you will visit numerous distant lands with lots of hidden treasures.

After launching the slot, players go to seek adventure along with the noble Vikings, who have long forgotten what “normal” life means. The company Microgaming, which created the device, is very well known in the market of online slots. As usual, they took the proper approach, filling the emulator with their own style and soul.

Literally everything in this slot is saturated with the spirit of courageous Vikings, who plow the expanses of the northern seas on their ships. The player will plunge into the cold ocean water and come to the aid of the brave northerners. Together with them, you will search for large treasures and increase your wealth.

Now let’s talk about the technical content of the slot, which has a fairly standard form:

  • The simulator features 5 reels and 1024 possible prize-winning sequences;
  • The price of one coin varies from £0.01 to £0.20;
  • The possible number of coins, which you can bet per one line, is from 1 to 10;
  • Total amounts of bets can vary from £0.50 to £100;
  • The maximum prize in the game can reach 1500 bets;
  • There are a wild symbol and a scatter symbol;
  • Bonus free spins and a bonus game;
  • No risk rounds;
  • No progressive jackpot;
  • The size of RTP (return to players) is 96%.

It seems that the playing field of the Arctic Fortune slot machine literally makes the air colder. Therefore, we can safely describe the level of the simulator’s design as the highest. When creating prize combinations, all symbols come to life and turn into a bright animation sculpture, increasing the festive mood.

The background of the game strongly resembles the palace of the Snow Queen from a fairy tale. The gambler should not be afraid of the dangers that lie ahead of him, as well as the terrible frosts. Only in this case, the courageous Vikings will unconditionally accept him into their fleet.

During the voyage, any user can choose one or more paths from the suggested 1024 options. This figure is equivalent to the number of prize combinations in the gaming machine.

Each column of the slot consists of four thematic images instead of the usual three. As a background music, a dynamic melody is used, reminding that this place is very dangerous. This creates an imposing atmosphere, so even a free version of the slot machine is very exciting.

However, you shouldn’t hurry. Any adventure requires appropriate preparation, so you need to carefully learn the interface of the Arctic Fortune slot machine before taking the first steps in the Arctic land.

  • First of all, the player needs to know that there are two game modes in the slot. These are Regular and Expert mode. To activate one of them, you need to click on the corresponding button at the bottom of the game panel;
  • The Spin and Stop keys allow players to start the spinning of the reels or to stop it, respectively;
  • The Coins button is designed to specify the bet size for the spin;
  • The buttons with “+/-” signs are intended for a smooth change in the nominal value of coins;
  • The Bet Max key is created to start the rotation of the reels with the maximum bet size;
  • The AutoPlay button activates automatic spins of the reels;
  • Bet: shows the current value of bet per spin;
  • The Win tab displays information about the prizes that have been received;
  • The tabs Demo Credits and Demo Coins are designed to view the status of the player’s account;
  • The View Pays contains the payout table and some additional information about the slot machine.

Features of the slot

A distinctive feature of the Arctic Fortune slot machine is that there are no card symbols. All represented icons carry a certain thematic load:

  1. Cups with wine, polar Wolves, Drakkars, and Chests with gold will add to the player’s account from 12 to 200 bets;
  2. Three brave Vikings will bring 50-1500 betting amounts;
  3. A shield named Arctic Fortune acts as a wild symbol. It can only appear on 2nd and 4th reels and replace any other picture (except for the scatter);
  4. An antique map with a knife is the slot’s scatter symbol. A combination of three to five such images grants you with free spins, but before they are launched, you’ll be inevitably forced to fight with the Spider (Bonus round).

The best part of the game is the bonus round, which starts after collecting a combination of the scatter symbols. At this point, the game panel will be filled with spiders coming down from above. Your task will be to accurately shoot them. Each black spider you shoot brings free spins, and the red one will reward you with higher multipliers.

After that, the most terrible event of the game will begin. This is a fight with the most powerful spider, ready to protect its younger brothers. If the courageous player, who has already deserved the title of professional of the Arctic Fortune slot machine, wins in this round, the prize will be truly enormous.