Bonus Deuces Wild slot is an updated version of the popular “Wild Deuces” video poker.

The game not only changed its name, but also received a number of additional opportunities that increase the size of the winnings. In addition, you have a chance to break a jackpot, the amount of which can reach 5000 coins. With the maximum size of bets, the ultimate amount of winnings in Bonus Deuces Wild video poker can be of a very considerable value.

A new game from Microgaming, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of software for online casinos, will be the best option for beginners of the gambling world. It is ideal for people, who aren’t familiar with the rules of the game and want to have more chances to win with additional bonus payments.

The game contains a lot of interesting options that are aimed, among other things, at ensuring that users can win in a shorter time. The developers of this game provided players with the opportunity to choose from several modes the one that suits them best: slow, medium, fast, or very fast.

In addition, the player can activate the automatic mode of the reels. In this case, the computer distributes cards automatically, guided by a random number generator. The jackpot is issued in the case of the Royal Flush combination with the maximum possible bet of 5 coins. But even with less powerful combinations, the player receives considerable cash prizes. A special “wild” card and the “five of a kind” option help players to collect even more profitable combinations.

The game uses a classic deck of 52 cards, which is carefully shuffled before each dealing. All deuces in the deck act as wild cards that can temporarily take the place of any other card to create a winning combination. The beginning of the Bonus Deuces Wild game has little difference from other varieties of video poker. Before you start the game, it’s necessary that you determine the size of the bet in coins and their nominal value. These options are specified by the player’s discretion.

In order to find the optimal number of coins for the bet, use the special payment table. Based on the information, the player will be able to see the payments for different bets. If he wants to fight for the jackpot and prefers to play at risk, then he will place the maximum possible bets. The value of coins is changed by the keys “+” and “-” that located on the control panel at the bottom of the screen. The coin value directly defines the number of spins and the amount of potential win.

As we already mentioned above, the Bonus Deuces Wild slot machine, which can be played both for real money and for free, differs from most other video poker games with a variety of additional payments. While there are usual combinations in the slot, you can also get winnings from some special card sets:

  • 6 cards of identical rank from six to king provide the player with payments ranging from 18 to 90 coins. The win ultimate value will depend on the bet amount;
  • 5 lower cards (from 3 to 5) of the same value will give you the winnings from 40 to 200 coins;
  • 5 Aces will bring a profit from 80 to 400 coins;
  • 4 deuces will enrich you with a sum of 200 to 1000 coins;
  • a combination of 4 deuces and 1 ace will replenish your wallet with a sum of 400 to 2000 coins.

Features of the slot

It is obvious that the Bonus Deuces Wild slot machine provides much more opportunities to gather winning combinations compared to all other types of video poker. That’s why, according to statistics, the Bonus Deuces Wild slot is one of the most popular games among fans of video poker. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that you’ll have to collect at least three cards of equal value in order to generate even the minimum win in Bonus Deuces Wild video poker. In other types of this popular game, you need only two cards of a higher rank to get the minimum payment.

Anyway, the above-mentioned coefficients for different sets of cards indicate that the wins in this game can reach really considerable values. If the player is particularly lucky, he will obtain the fantastic jackpot.

If the player wants to check the profitability of the Bonus Deuces Wild slot machine, there’s an opportunity to play it for free. When the profitability and interestingness of the game will be obvious to you, it’s time to take part in the battle for real cash winnings.