Chain Mail slot machine invites players into the world of chivalric honor, true courage, and unique nobility, where you can participate in a variety of profitable tournaments.

Imagine that you live in a noble era of chivalry! An important place in your life is occupied by tournaments, fast horses, and also princesses, whose favors you want to achieve, and this is not always easy. There is a special charm, which makes us feel nostalgic and slightly regret that we weren’t born in those romantic times. However, everyone has the opportunity to be emotionally immersed into the wonderful era. And it became possible thanks to the developers from Microgaming who created the original and exciting Chain Mail slot machine.

From the first seconds of the game, you will notice the differences between this slot and other games of this genre. In general, everything looks quite classical: 5 reels, buttons for adjusting bets, and 20 pay lines. However, all symbols are replaced with totally unique ones, at least in one of the game’s modes. In the Chain Mail slot, you won’t see all those banal Jacks and Aces.

One of the main distinctive features of the emulator is the complete absence of a risk round, although it has become almost mandatory for all modern online slots. Nevertheless, the developers did their best to increase the percentage of return to the player. The emulator gives you so many winnings that you simply won’t see the need to duplicate your bets.

The soundtrack of the game deserves a separate mention. There is no music in the usual sense. Instead, you will hear a light background noise, simulating the sounds of spectators, who came to watch the knight tournament. Thanks to this unique feature, you get the feeling as if you were actually on this wonderful event.


The situation with winning combinations in the Chain Mail slot is quite simple. Almost all payments are given for three or more symbols in a single row. The only exception is the joker, combinations of which are formed starting with two pictures.

Here’s a complete description of payments for all combinations:

  • Chocolate bar: Don’t expect too much from this symbol. Three in one row will bring you 4 amounts of your bet, four ‑ 15, and five ‑ 40 bets.
  • Ice cream cone: this is the case, when there cannot be too much ice cream. Three, four, or five pictures at the same time will reward you with a prize of 4, 20, or 50 betting amounts, respectively.
  • Pieces of meat on an arrow: having a bite with three portions, you will win 6 bets, for four you will get 30, and five will bring you 60.
  • Chicken Legs: This symbol can multiply your winnings by 8, 40, or 80, if you have three, four, or five identical images in one row, respectively.
  • Pizza: the more, the better. Three identical icons will give you eight bets, for four you get 50, and five will increase your bet 100 times.
  • Mailbox: don’t forget to take your mail, when you see in on your way. Three boxes will enrich you with 10 bets, four with 60, and five with 150.
  • White horse: for three identical images in a line, you will receive a prize with a coefficient of 10, in the case of four the coefficient will be 75, and the win for five icons will be 300 times higher.
  • Knight: having obtained three, four, or five such pictures in a row, you get your bet multiplied by 15, 100, or 400, respectively.
  • Princess: you can’t meet her too often, but she is very generous and will reward you quite significantly. Three images will increase your bet 20 times, four will return it to you at a hundredfold size, and five pictures will bring you 800 bets.
  • Mail bag is the game’s scatter symbol. It can appear anywhere on the reels, not necessarily on an active line. You’ll be rewarded with a ratio of 2 for three pictures, 20 for four, and 100 for five.
  • The Chain Mail seal is a wild symbol that can replace any other icon except for the bonus and scatter symbols. In is remunerated at a ratio of 4, 60, 1200, or 6000 in the case of two, three, four, or five pictures, respectively. In addition, any combination with the wild will double your winnings.
  • Gate image: a bonus symbol, when it appears on 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels, a mini-game starts. You need to get to the top floor of the castle, opening all doors on your way. Behind most of the doors, you can find certain cash bonuses. In addition, behind the doors, you can meet Princess Roxy, famous for her generosity. In this case, all doors on this floor are opened and so you receive all prizes hidden behind them. But be careful, since you can meet the angry Mordred. In this case, your journey through the castle immediately ends.

The Chain Mail slot rightly deserves the attention of the players and fans of stories about courageous knights and lovely princesses. You won’t regret, if you spent several evenings playing it. The high probability of winning and the ability to play both for virtual coins and for real money will appeal to all players, who like to spend their time with online slots.