Couch Potato slot machine is a funny game, where the main character is a thick lazy potato, which can lie on a couch with a TV remote control all days long.

According to the opinion of this funny character, it has no duties, but only rights. They include the right to eat, to sleep and, of course, to watch TV.

The most interesting thing is that, despite the traditional poverty of all lazy characters, the potato can help a player to become really rich. After launching the Couch Potato slot machine, it will be difficult for you to refrain from smiling, since laughter is caused not only by the main character, but also by other elements of the cheerful bright design.

This slot will be an effective means for solving the problem of insomnia, instead of sleeping pills. Even the lazy potato itself tends to plunge into a deep sleep from time to time.

All modern online casinos offer users to play the Couch Potato slot either for free or with real money bets. The first option is good for those who just want to have a great time. At the same time, he will be able to learn the nuances of the slot and to practice before playing for real money. The whole gameplay takes place against the background of a room, where the lazy potato spends most of its life.

Three reels are disposed at the top of the screen and a large payout table is exposed to the right. This is done so that lazy players can avoid unnecessary movements and searching for multipliers for certain winning combinations. Before starting the reels, you need to set the value of coins in the range from 0.25 to 5 credits.

The difference between Couch Potato and many other modern slots is that it has only 1 pay line with 3 reels. However, this doesn’t affect the chances of players to win really large prizes. The functionality of Couch Potato slot gives every reason to believe that this slot is truly profitable. When spinning the reels, users can see a variety of symbols on the playing field: they include red cherries, sevens, “Bar” inscriptions, the slot’s logo, etc.

Features of the slot

The functions of a wild symbol are executed by the game’s logo. The wild is able to replace any other icons and to increase the payout amount 5 times, when it participates in the formation of a usual prize-winning chain on the pay line. When 2 such symbols appear on the same line, the player gains an increase of the winning by 25 times.

And that’s not all. 5 wild symbols on the line bring an incredible luck to the player. In this case, a jackpot equal to 15 000 bets is given to the user. The bright cherries on the playing field can also help you win a good money.

Other symbols in the slot also have the ability to create winning combinations and bring good wins, but in somewhat smaller amounts. So, three sevens in a row will multiply the initial bet by 180. The slot machine is a clear confirmation that laziness can sometimes be very beneficial. This slot allows you to earn money during relaxation, and sometimes the prizes can even be very considerable.

It is absolutely obvious that the developers from Microgaming adhered to the principle of maximum simplicity in everything, when they created Couch Potato. For example, it has only 3 reels, 10 possible winning combinations, a simple and intuitive control panel. Such a configuration allows even a beginner to easily understand all the nuances of the game.

Couch Potato slot is very popular gambling, due to a number of significant advantages, such as:

  • high possibility of real money winnings;
  • simplicity of rules;
  • aesthetically attractive design.