Halloweenies slot machine invites everyone to go to the most horrible holiday, where ghosts fly, the doors open and close by themselves.

The guests are dressed up in terrible zombies, vampires. Treats of worms, beetles and parts of dismembered corpses lie on the table.

Five drums are filled with twenty active bands. The maximum prize is more than £30000 that can be obtained in this gambler. Creepy characters and worm like candies rotate on the icons of the drums. The most attractive and numerous prizes are prepared for you.

You can play for free in the slot machine Halloweenies in order to make sure of the full safety of the game process. You can bet from £0.01 to £100. The bet can be changed by changing the number of activated strips and the number of coins on the strip from 1 to 5.

You get paid for chains that line up three or more drawings in a row, from the first column. Payments from several bands are added together.

The characters of the Halloweenies slot machine frighten the audience, but they bring prize payments and they are pictured in a comical image. You can find out all the coefficients in the table of winnings. You can multiply the bet by using these coefficients after the corresponding group of figures appears on the screen.

There are still Wild symbols on the screen in addition to Frankenstein’s nurse, witches dressed up in bears, skulls, terrible sweets, a wolf dressed in a sheep’s skin. This drawing is represented by cunning witches. They revive, when they welcome a successful attempt.

This drawing replaces any other except Scatter and Bonus sign. Wild symbol complements and enhances winning combinations.

Bonus drawing is a pumpkin. A Bonus round is activated after the drop of three or more pumpkins on the playing field. A new window opens and 13 pumpkins are located on it. You should choose three pumpkins with the biggest prizes. You will return to the standard game mode after the end of the Bonus round.

Rabbits are a sign of scatter in this machine. When a company of three or more rabbits meets on the same holiday, they launch free spins. In the Halloweenies slot machine the game for money is especially advantageous in the process of these free spins. At this time you can meet prize situations more often than usual and the result is tripled. Up to 39000 coins can be obtained only for a free rotation. The static jackpot of the game reaches more than £32500.

Control Panel

The main colors are green with different shades here in the gambling device. This slot is dedicated to the holiday, which scares away Evil forces. The keys are yellow, like gold bars. There are keys for selecting active lines (select line), coins (select coins), maximum bet (bet max), plus and minus for a smooth gain bet. The button SPIN rotates a single turn of the drums.

Features of the Halloweenies slot

When you learn how to play, learn all the options, the rules of the game, choose a online casino, transfer the currency to the cash register and activate the gambling.

Example of the game in the slot machine Halloweenies

There is 2000 coins on the account. There is included 20 lines, five coins on the line. The cost of the coin is 0.5. The total bet on the spin is £50. Turn on the button SPIN. The prize is zero. The account was 1950.

One more spin and three rabbits fall out. Free rotation is included. The total prize was 845 in the process of rotation. The total score is 2745. If you subtract the initial amount from this result, it turns out that we earned 745 coins within a quarter of an hour. So we earned 745.

You could leave the game, but we decided to spin the drums more. The next spin brings 40 coins. The next spin brings three rabbits again, they will catch 1580. Overall result is 4265. Today we are lucky. We launch the spin again, the result is zero. The account is 4215.

The next turn brings three pumpkins with burning eyes and a toothy jaw. A new window opens, in which there are thirteen pumpkins to choose from. Those pumpkins that we liked were worth 100, 300 and 600 points. In this way the total result is 1000 coins in the bonus round. The final result: 5165 coins. Total earnings is 5165 – 2000 = £3165.