Joker Wild slot machine allows players to enjoy their favorite online card game and to fight for big cash prizes without being tied to any particular place or time.

Today, true fans of gambling have the opportunity to play an entertaining video poker with an intriguing name Joker Wild. Novotech, one of the most famous manufacturers of gambling software, developed this slot. It gives players the opportunity not only to have a good rest from everyday worries, but also to test their luck, trying to win big cash prizes. By its design, the Joker Wild slot machine is a modification of classic poker with a free demo mode.

Only two elements have some differences. So, the minimum winning combination is the “Pair of Kings”. In addition, there is one Joker in the deck, which can replace any other card and thus help you win. For example, if a player receives cards with ranks 4, 5, 6, 8 and a joker, then the joker acquires a value of 7 and allows him to collect a straight. This feature of the Joker Wild slot has a very strong positive impact on the player’s chances of winning big money.

Everyone understands that the main goal of gamblers is always to win and get a monetary win. Of course, there is a group of people who prefer to play the Joker Wild slot machine for free. Their goal is to have a good time without financial risks. However, it is unlikely that they would decline the opportunity to replenish their wallet during such pastime. Classic poker is the base of the Joker Wild slot machine. Therefore, the main place on the screen is occupied by playing cards with a joker, which greets players at every stage of the game. Obviously, the main goal of each player is to collect a winning card combination that will bring him a certain profit.

All winning combinations in the Joker Wild slot machine are similar to those in a real card game. Experienced poker players know them all by heart, whereas beginners can see them in a special payment table at any time. According to the rules of the slot, the player receives 5 cards from the deck. Thus, if you choose the game with 5 hands, you will get 5 decks.

This feature significantly increases the player’s chances of winning. Joker Wild slot machine uses a deck of 52 cards with one Joker. The cards are carefully shuffled after each round. The cards form different combinations according to their rank, suit, or number of symbols. They include:

  • 2 Pair ‑ two pairs of cards with the same value;
  • 3 of a kind ‑ three cards of identical value (the payout coefficient for this combination is 2);
  • Straight ‑ 5 cards arranged sequentially according to their value (the payout ratio is 4);
  • Flush ‑ 5 cards, the suits of which are the same (the ratio is 6);
  • Full house ‑ one triple plus one pair (the ratio is 9);
  • 4 of a kind ‑ 4 cards that are of the same value (the coefficient is 20);
  • Straight flush ‑ 5 cards arranged consecutively according to their rank and having one suit (the coefficient is 50);
  • Wild royal flush ‑ 5 highest cards, which are the same in suit, but one of these cards is replaced with a Joker (the ratio is 100);
  • 5 of a kind ‑ 4 cards of identical value plus the Joker (the ratio is 100);
  • Royal flush ‑ 5 cards of the highest rank, having the same suit (the ratio is 800).

Features of the Joker Wild slot

Winning combinations are determined in automatic mode, and the results of rounds are displayed on the screen. It should be noted, that the Joker Wild slot machine is not a simple slot, where everything depends on luck. Poker is a chain of consecutive, well-elaborated steps, thanks to which the player receives a cash prize. The algorithm of the player’s actions can be conditionally represented as follows:

  • The player chooses the number of hands and specifies the value of the coins;
  • then he determines the size of the bet per round;
  • now, it’s time to start the game itself;
  • choose from your 5 cards those that give you a chance to win;
  • replace the cards that don’t suit you;
  • after the re-distribution of cards, you wait for the result and get a win or make a new attempt.

In addition to the basic game mode, the Joker Wild slot machine has a special risk round implemented, which makes it possible to double the winnings. This round becomes available after every successful round.

To win, you need to choose one of the 4 cards lying upside down. If the rank of this card is higher than those of the dealer’s one, the winnings will be doubled. According to the rules of the slot, you can double your winnings several times.

The Joker Wild slot machine has such features of poker as exciting gameplay, intelligence, and the ability to develop your own strategy. That’s why it will always be interesting and profitable to play.