Ladies Nite slot is dedicated to a special event, where the club is occupied by the fair ladies exclusively.

Noble ladies and not very noble ladies allow themselves to relax to their fullest without supervision of their second half. In this case they have even five coils with prize pictures, strong cocktails and muscular stripper.

A party takes place all night for women only. Nine active lines make a gambling fun and profitable game. Although in the Ladies Nite gaming machine it’s safer to play for free, no one knows how the drum rotation will affect the lady.

The total bet comes to £90 dollars on one rotation of the cheerful wheels. The intrigue is brought not only by mischievous music, naked torso of stripper, but also special drawings, Risk-Round, additional multipliers. There should be two, three, or even more identical icons on the active line. They have to start with the first column, so that the slot gives you a prize. The size of the prize is calculated simply, you multiply the bet by the symbol cost ratio. Several prize payments are added and credited to the client’s coin box.

The Risk round will help you to increase the current prize. The playing cards will be laid out in a new window. The user has to guess the color or suit of the banker’s card. The guessed color doubles the current prize. The suit multiplies it by 4.

Ordinary and especially authorized pictures

Pictograms with portraits of brunette, cocktails, expensive perfume, handbags, lipstick and denominations of cards from tens to ace revolve on the drums of the slot. They make from time to time prize groups and bring to the participants of the game many gifts.

There are in the gambling device and special pictures. The Wild symbol is a mirror ball, which usually rotates under the ceiling of the dance hall, creating a magical holiday atmosphere in a nightclub. A glittering mirror ball is paid for at the highest multipliers, and replaces simple pictures, supplementing the prize chains, doubling the reward. Five balls bring a gift of 10 000 bets. They only have to line up on an active line.

A barman with a bare chest acts as a scatter, he has a butterfly and a tray in his hand in this slot. He cannot be replaced by a wild symbol.

Naked handsome guy gives out prizes by showing on any drum and string. Remuneration is calculated by the coefficients: 2, 5, 20, 50.

Three bartenders launch 15 free spins, if you play for the money in the Ladies Nite slot machine. Free rotations run at the last rate with an unchanged number of active lines. It is easy to extend them, if you want to do this, you must collect three scatters again.

Several buttons control the game process:

  • Spin – launch of a new turnover;
  • Bet Max – start a new rotation at the highest possible rate;
  • Coins – control the size of the bet in one lane;
  • Lines – the required number of active lines;
  • – / + – setting the value of coins;
  • View Payout – open the winnings table.

There are the current cash accounts or prizes in the information boxes and the scrolling line.

If you don’t need a risk game, you can turn it off in the user settings by clearing the checkbox: “Allow Gamble”. Also in the same way you can launch the accelerated spin and regulate the sound accompaniment. In the mode “Expert” the button is activated to scroll automatically the drums, when the computer leads the process independently and collects rewards.

Features of the Ladies Nite slot

When you change the height of the bet and the number of lines you can get a wide variety of results. This allows you to gain invaluable experience in to a particular wave and play to the Ladies Nite slot for real money.

Choose a gambling club, register, send to the cashier the necessary amount of the deposit to activate the real game mode and turn on the Party only for ladies.