Loaded slot machine is inspired by rap culture and, of course, has such elements as heavy gold chains, luxury cars and beautiful women.

All online casinos offer to play the machine for free as long as you want and whenever you want to be “Loaded”. This slot seems to be designed primarily for the people who like this lifestyle with limousines, mansions, diamond necklaces, gold rings and luxury boats.

The Loaded slot machine consists of five reels with three rows and 25 pay lines, and is a regular slot machine. Each round is accompanied by sounds of hip-hop in the background, something that creates the right atmosphere. The win in the slot machine can be as much as 250 000 credits so that you have an opportunity to win a really big money.

What we think is missing in Loaded slot is an integrated bonus round. However, the unique free-spin mode, where you choose the number of free rounds and the multiplier, is significantly better than an average free-spin mode. And this means that the final score will be higher.

Loaded slot invites you to get winning combinations on its 5 reels with 3 rows, where you can choose between 1-25 pay lines and 1-20 bet levels (number of coins per line). To start playing, you only need to select the number of pay lines, the coin value, and how many coins you want to bet on each line. Then you click the “PLAY” button and spin the wheels. If you decided to play as a king, you can click on “BET MAX”, which automatically sets the highest bet.

The symbols in the machine consist mostly of luxury things and beautiful ladies, and there are also a few special symbols that are worth noting. For example, the man in white suit and 777 necklace is the wild symbol, which is able to replace all other usual symbols. Each time this gentleman is included in a winning combination, the payout becomes three times as high as normal.

As if this were not enough, there are also free rounds in the Loaded slot machine. These are activated by the scatter symbol, which looks like a hand with microphone. These symbols can be anywhere on the game field and therefore need not to be placed in sequence. Once the free rounds have been activated, you can choose to get more free spins with lower multipliers, or fewer free spins with higher multipliers. What you choose, therefore, is entirely up to you.

Each time you get a win, it goes to your winning pot. Of course, you can pick it up with the “TAKE OUT” button, but you also have an excellent opportunity to play the risk round where you can double or quadruple your winnings. To start playing “Risk Mode”, press the “Bet” button. You can double your win by choosing the right one from Red and Black – or quadruple your win by choosing the right suite between Hearts, Spades, Routes and, Clovers. The risk game should be played very carefully, since there are great opportunities, but also very big risks.


Loaded slot machine is intended to attract a particular kind of players with the typical MTV lifestyle, but can be very appealing to any other people due to its big payouts. The graphics are not very impressive, but who cares about the graphics, when you can win £250 000?