Lucky Witch slot machine will make it clear to you at first glance that it is among the best emulators of gambling devices.

Witchcraft and money are inseparable concepts, and people have long used various rituals to attract the attention of luck and to become wealthier. The Lucky Witch, a new game from a well-known manufacturer, will help you make sure of this. The mysterious sorceress is neither terrible nor evil. On the contrary, she brings good luck and big gains. The witch is very fond of gambling and invites everyone to join the exciting game.

The Lucky Witch slot consists of five reels and 15 pay lines. After placing bets on the selected number of lines, the player enters the night world that lives according to the laws of magic.

It is quite logical that the main character of the game ‑ the red-haired witch ‑ is a wild symbol in this slot. It’s the image that can complement all winning combinations and replace other symbols.

The Witch’s potion is a scatter symbol. Three such images, no matter on which lines, allow the player to make 13 free spins and to break a great jackpot. If you are lucky enough to get 3 or more icons with the potion during the free spins, then the next batch of bonus rotations will start right after the first one.

The cauldron with magical potion is perhaps the most desired symbol. When you find it on the 1st, 3rd and 5th column, you’ll get the opportunity to participate in the bonus round.

The animals that follow the witch can also bring you a lot of prizes. They differ among themselves by multiplication coefficients. You can see the numbers by clicking on the “Info” button. These icons include images of a black cat, a grey owl, and a green iguana. The scroll with magical signs, the magic crystals, grasses, mushrooms and Halloween pumpkins are among the additional bonus symbols.

Features of the Lucky Witch slot

The cauldron with a magic potion activates bonus rounds. Following the appearance of 3 such images, the player is offered to try his luck in one of the 4 bonus rounds:

  • Magic Potion

The witch will offer you to choose among 12 bottles with the magic potion, each of them contains a certain prize. However, if the player opens the bottle with the “Losing Spirit”, the bonus round will end. Among the 12 magic bottles, one unusual is also hidden in addition to the losing flask. Opening it, the player will become the owner of all bonus coins.

  • Pumpkin Bonus

The player is offered a choice of 5 pumpkins, and he must find the most profitable of them. To do this, the player has only 3 attempts. Choosing a pumpkin, the player is able to see how much money it will bring him. If he isn’t satisfied with this amount, he will be able to choose 2 more pumpkins, but the 3rd pumpkin is the final option that can’t be changed.

  • Secret Vault

The player must choose 3 closed symbols among the proposed 12 options. After that, the selected 3 symbols remain closed, and the rest will be opened. Having analyzed the current situation, the game participant chooses one of the three remaining closed symbols. This symbol will determine the amount of the ultimate prize.

  • Book of Spells

In this bonus game, the player is transferred to the library, where a huge number of books with spells and magical rites is stored. But the player will only have to choose among the 3 proposed books. Each of these hides a multiplier that increases your initial bet. If you meet a fairy creature hiding behind the book, the size of the win will be very significant.

Sometimes the Lucky Witch may not seem especially kind: the stars are positioned in such a way that the player fails. For such cases, the manufacturer has equipped the slot with a demo mode, so that everyone has the opportunity to play the Lucky Witch slot machine for free, receiving a full range of emotions. You can completely relax and not worry about your money. The round is played with virtual coins, which are kindly provided by the online casino.

Lucky Witch is full of strangeness and suddenness. It is decorated in a unified style and perfectly embodies the mystical plot. It will be especially liked by all fans of mysterious and exciting things, as well as by those who are fond of non-standard features. The company Microgaming differs from its competitors in that it tries to add something special to each novelty.

The Lucky Witch slot machine is very advantageous due to the variety of combinations that appear very often. It is also known for incredible bonus games, where you will certainly be lucky. You can easily find this slot in any online casino, where the machines of this manufacturer are presented. To appreciate all its advantages, just place a bet and press “Start” button!