Pure Platinum slot machine will tell the masters of gambling about all the advantages of a high-quality gaming device with platinum decorations.

Enthusiasts of high-quality and refined jewelry are increasingly giving preference to adornments made of platinum. Gold, long considered a sign of prosperity and wealth, is inferior in quality to this shiny metal in many ways. The advantages of platinum over classical gold are obvious. It is stronger, less prone to deformations and scratches, and doesn’t cause allergic reactions, thus gaining increasing popularity.

Not surprisingly, the developers from Microgaming decided to take advantage of this sparkling luxurious metal, when they discussed ideas for the Pure Platinum slot machine. This slot machine was the result of their efforts. It’s really a wonderful emulator, which rightfully deserves attention.

The classic interface of the slot is both simple and elegant. There are’’t too many game settings. One of them is the coin value, which ranges from 0.01 to 0.05. By changing it, you also change the number of game credits.

The size of the bet varies from 1 to 10 coins. The number of active lines, on which you can get a winning combination, can be any in the range from 1 to 40.

After each effective spin of the platinum reels, you have the opportunity to increase your winnings 2 or 4 times. To do this, you just need to press the “Gamble” button and to play a risk game. The winnings will be doubled, if you guess the color of the closed card suit ‑ black or red. And it will be increased 4 times, if you guess the suit of this card.

The Pure Platinum slot has no Autoplay feature.

One of the main features of the slot is the insanely high winning coefficients. They are so frequent and large that are able to inflame even the calmest and most phlegmatic players.

The Pure Platinum slot machine fully matches its name. All pictures in the slot, including card symbols, are entirely made up of this precious metal. Platinum is valued above gold and looks just as cool. Many people like it even more than gold.

  • Nines are symbols of the lowest value, but they are very common. Three identical pictures will increase your bet 5 times, four will bring you 10 bets, and for five you can get 50 bets.
  • Tens: three, four or five of these pictures, arranged in a row, will bring you 5, 15 or 75 bets, respectively.
  • Jacks: with three such symbols on one line, your bet will be multiplied by 6, with four jacks by 20, and with five by 100.
  • Queens: three identical cards in a row will bring you 7 bets, 30 bets are given for 4 cards, and 125 bets for 5.
  • Kings: after receiving three, four, or five identical cards in a row, you will become the owner of a prize in the amount of 8, 40, or 150 bets, respectively.
  • Aces: three in one line will return your bet with a multiplier of 10, while the multiplier for four will be 50, and 200 for five.
  • Watch is the last of the usual symbols, which will bring you 15, 75, or 500 bets for three, four, or five equal pictures, respectively.

Higher symbols

These symbols don’t have any additional features, but the payments for them are completely identical. That is why they’re allocated in their own subsection. In the Pure Platinum slot machine, the following images are considered as higher:

  1. Platinum ring;
  2. Small platinum bars;
  3. A pile of large ingots of platinum.

Payouts for three identical pictures that are included in the list of higher symbols will be equal to 25 bets, four pictures will return your bet with a factor of 100, and five identical symbols will give you a coefficient of 750.

Special symbols

The platinum disk is a scatter symbol. Those, who often deal with slot machines remember that such symbols don’t need to be arranged in a row. They can be anywhere on the reels, including on different lines. If you have three or more identical symbols, a set of free spins will be launched. The number of the spins you can choose by yourself. Possible options are:

  • 50 bonus games with a multiplier of 1, that is, your win will be equal to your bet;
  • 25 bonus games with double wins, that is, with a 2x multiplier;
  • 10 bonus spins with a 5x multiplier.

In addition to the ability to activate free games, the scatter can also bring prizes by itself in the amount of 1, 3, 20 or 100 bets in the cases of two, three, four or five symbols, respectively.

Pure Platinum (the game’s logo) is a joker, also called “wild” symbol. As usual, it has the ability to replace any other picture. This doesn’t apply only to a scatter symbol. In addition to the ability to replace other symbols, it also can bring you a win. Three in a row will reward you with 100 bets, four will multiply your bet by 500, five will bring you 1000 times more than you have placed.

Summarizing the review of the Pure Platinum slot machine, it should be noted that it will certainly appeal to sophisticated connoisseurs of expensive jewelry. The reason is platinum, the noblest of precious metals.