Rabbit In The Hat slot allows players to completely immerse themselves into the world of magic and tricks.

You must have seen the exciting spectacular performances, when a magician pulls a rabbit out of an absolutely empty hat. As a rule, this brings audience to absolute delight. However, this is not a miracle, but only the skill of the magician and the dexterity of his hands.

The Rabbit In The Hat slot invites everyone to try on the role of a magician. The only difference is that the hat will be replaced by your computer and instead of a rabbit, you’ll get cash rewards.

The emulator consists of 5-reels and 9 lines for betting. In this game, you need to activate all 9 lines, placing at least a minimum bet on each of them. The player doesn’t have an opportunity to choose a smaller number of lines, but the cost of bets is quite affordable for literally all players. Bet per round may be from £0.01 to £18. The bets are always the same for all pay lines (the total amount is divided into 9 identical parts).

Below the main screen, there are several buttons that you can use to control the gameplay:

  • The Spin/Stop button will start or stop the rotation of the reels. To speed up the game, you can stop the reels immediately after their start.
  • Auto Play turns on an automatic game mode. It provides users with the ability to continuously rotate the reels without being distracted from the gameplay for the clicking on the buttons. It is enough to make the appropriate settings only once, after which you can simply observe the game process. But be careful, because you won’t be able to stop the reels in the case of unsuccessful spins.
  • The Win key shows the schedule of winnings. It allows you to determine whether your tactics in the game is correct.
  • Pays button opens an information window containing the rules of the game.

You can play the Rabbit in the Hat slot for free. This opportunity is provided to the player by a demo version of the gambling machine. Real money will be replaced by virtual coins, but the gameplay is 100% identical to the game with real bets. The player gets the opportunity to hunt for prizes and adrenaline without risk.

Symbols that can form prize combinations

Winning combinations are arranged in a line, starting from the first reel. To receive the desired cash reward, you need to gather a sequence of 2 or more identical symbols.

The slot machine’s subject is devoted to the art of illusionists. On the screen, there periodically appears the magician himself, his assistant, a cylinder hat, a target for throwing daggers, and so on.

Symbols that can form prize-winning combinations are:

  • The Magician’s Cylinder, which serves as a wild symbol. Its primary function is to complement winning combinations, because this symbol is able to replace other images.
  • The Magician himself with his charming assistant can increase the player’s bet from 20 to 10000 times.
  • Images of a chest, a rabbit, a dagger target, and a crate with a lock will bring users the multipliers from 250 to 8000.
  • Card symbols can enrich a player by multiplying his bets from 50 up to 2000 times.

In this game, there is no scatter symbol, but the player still can get bonus rotations.

Features of the slot

In Rabbit Hat, the manufacturer provided a very interesting bonus round. Above one of the reels, there appears a magic hat, which changes its position after each new spin. If there is the wild symbol under the cylinder, then the player will receive one of the following possible prizes:

  • Wild Reel ‑ in this case, all the symbols on one reel turn into wild ones; It’s easy to guess what comes out of this: Your chances of winning increase for many times.
  • Free Spins ‑ 10 additional free rotations. During free spins, the player can receive additional bonus rewards of the same type. The maximum number of Free Spins series is 10. Based on the results of one or several rounds, the total prize amount is transferred to the player’s account.
  • Cash ‑ transfers the cash reward to the player’s account; its size is calculated automatically.
  • The Magic Hat Prizes ‑ gives the player a prize, but nobody knows exactly what it will be.

This bonus game is the main distinctive feature of the Rabbit In The Hat slot.

Now you can evaluate all the possibilities of the slot, both on the main game mode and in the bonus round. All players without exception are guaranteed to receive an exciting adventure.