So Much Sushi slot machine invites you to taste Japanese cuisine and get a couple of delicious bonuses, which are available thanks to the developers’ non-standard approach.

Who doesn’t like to visit restaurants or cafes? Some people adore Caucasian cuisine, others prefer Italian, and the third like French dishes. Obviously, the developers of Microgaming prefer Japanese cuisine, because the So Much Sushi slot machine is literally saturated with its fragrances. This company is regularly inventing unique features that no one else can come up with.

The main features of the slot are its authenticity and unusualness. However, this doesn’t apply to the interface of the game, which has a classic look without any frills. The number of pay lines is 25 and cannot be decreased. Instead, you can change the bet size and the face value of tokens by clicking on the Bet button.

The soundtrack of the slot perfectly complements the general impression of the Japanese theme in general and the sushi in particular.

The total bet depends on the face value of the game coins and their quantity. Thus, the minimum total bet will be 0.25 pounds, if you bet 1 coin with a face value of 0.01. The maximum total bet is 100 pounds, provided that the face value is 0.2 pounds and the number of coins is 20. Payments are tied to these values, as there are no usual multipliers. A risk game is also absent.

The So Much Sushi slot machine is available for playing free of charge. The payout system is significantly different from what is generally accepted for such games. Classic card symbols, as usual, are paid in the case of a combination of three to five. At the same time, the highest symbols represented in the form of images of sushi and rolls are paid in a very unusual way. But let us keep some order.

Features of the slot

Tens: you get from 0.05 to 20 coins for three, from 0.15 to 60 for four, and from 0.55 to 220 coins for five symbols.

The payments for Jacks are the same as for Tens. Thus, three Jacks bring you from 0.05 to 20 coins, four from 0.15 to 60, and five from 0.55 to 220 credits.

Three queens give you rewards ranging from 0.08 to 32, four from 0.2 to 80, and five from 0.75 to 300 virtual coins.

King: as is the case with Queens, rewards can range from 0.08 to 32 for three pictures, from 0.2 to 80 for four, and from 0.75 to 300 virtual coins for five.

Ace: three symbols will be paid in the amount of 0.15 to 60, four can bring you from 35 to 140, and five from 1.1 to 440 coins.

On this note, we finish the story about the standard symbols of the So Much Sushi slot machine and their payments. It’s time to talk about special symbols.

You can get a payout for combinations of these symbols, when their number is from 6 to 25. You might be surprised: there are only five reels, so where do the other symbols come from? And this is the main distinctive feature of the So Much Sushi slot machine. If three or more identical images appear on the reels, each of them is randomly multiplied. That is, one picture can contain from one to five sushi or rolls.

This is how the above-mentioned variant with enormous sequences becomes possible. This feature also makes the choice of winning options much greater than in other gaming machines.

There is no need to describe the entire payout table. It’s enough to say about the minimum payout for six symbols at the smallest bet of 0.25 and the maximum for 25 symbols when the bet is 100 coins. The rest of the information can be found in the game at any time.

  • Green roll with toppings: the size of the winning varies from 0.3 to 32000 coins.
  • Sushi with salmon: this combination will give you from 0.4 to 40000 chips.
  • Roll made of nori with salmon caviar will bring you from 0.5 to 48000 credits.
  • Sushi with shrimp: from 0.6 to 56000 coins.
  • White roll with toppings: from 0.7 to 64000 coins.

Special symbols

Logo of the So Much Sushi slot is a wild symbol that replaces all symbols except the scatter. The Jokers are added to chains of regular symbols or can form independent combinations with the following prizes: from 0.55 to 220 for three, from 5.5 to 2200 for four, and from 75 up to 30000 coins for five symbols.

Soy sauce with wasabi is a scatter symbol. To receive a win, it’s enough to get two (winnings from 0.25 to 100), three (from 0.75 to 300), four (from 2.5 to 1000) or five (from 18.75 up to 7500) identical symbols in any place on the reels.

Besides all other benefits, the So Much Sushi slot machine offers an additional opportunity to win prizes with free spins.

The only condition for their launching is that you must have from three to five scatters on the reels. And the number of free spins you choose by yourself, even if it sounds a bit surprising. To do this, you need to select one of the suggested images of sushi or rolls.

This symbol will be used during bonus games, replacing all other pictures that belong to the higher ones. It is quite reasonable that the higher is the rank of the symbol, the less will be the number of spins you are offered.

Summarizing all the above-mentioned, we can confidently say that the So Much Sushi slot machine is a really original emulator. This is a worthy game that can attract many fans of gambling.