Stardust slot machine is a new gambling from Microgaming, the main distinctive feature of which is the galactic size winnings.

This slot machine has many cool features and among them a couple of special ones that all have the potential to be very lucrative.

“Winning is out of this world” is the slogan for the Stardust slot from Microgaming, and this machine is able to provide truly extraterrestrial winnings!

Stardust is a slot, the design of which is not too complicated since the game consists only of five reels, four rows, and 40 wins. Therefore, it has the good minimalistic approach to the process of gambling. The common symbols are represented by gemstones, as well as the card symbols of 10, J, Q, K and A, and there are also a few special symbols that are worth keeping an eye on.

One of such special symbols is the black hole that adds more gemstones to the game, thus generating additional monetary gains. As if this were not enough, the meter to the right of the picture is gradually filled when this occurs. And when the meter is full, the slot machine’s free spin mode starts. This is a feature we like very much and an original and innovative way to activate free rounds.

During the free rounds, the game layout changes radically. What happens is that the winning lines are suddenly replaced by 1024 winning routes. This means that identical symbols will land next to each other, starting from the left, for the winnings to be paid. Thus, they do not need to follow special patterns, which is the case with winning lines.

In addition to the winning routes, the free rounds have another feature, which is called “Radiant Respins” and can be activated only in this mode. The “Radiant Respins” option means that the reels will be spinning at no extra cost, thus generating winnings, even if there were no chances to win.

Unlock free spins

In the Stardust campaign, there is a total of 1120 free spins. The concept is quite common, when it comes to free spins campaigns of Microgaming slots in general. All you have to do is simply to continue spinning the Stardust slot in hope to unlock as many achievements as possible. And if you got a special symbol, you’ll have unlocked it and will be rewarded with free spins.

In the Stardust campaign, the following five symbols are used (the number of free spins is shown in brackets).

  • Emerald (5 free spins);
  • Sapphire (5 free spins);
  • Rubin (10 free rotations);
  • Galaxy scatter (100 free rotations);
  • Wild symbol (1000 free rotations);

It’s important to know that the winning combinations with wild symbols do not count in this case. The combinations must be completely “pure” from jokers. The ratio for free spin wins is only 1x of the amount you won.

To sum up, the Stardust slot is a full-featured gaming machine that will appeal to many players.

The Stardust slot machine offers many special features and most of the black holes are a new and fresh experience that many will appreciate. The fact that the free rounds are equipped with the “Radiant Respins” feature with high winning potential, is another bonus. See what you like about Stardust by playing its free version for as long as you want.

You can get acquainted with Stardust slot by playing the free version on pages of any virtual casino. And if you want to win real money, then you have a really big choice of gambling institutions in our site.