Starlight Kiss slot machine is dedicated to romantic relationships, kisses under the moon.

Beautiful slot is decorated with flowers, romantic animation. Letters with gentle confessions, night, quiet park alleys and kisses bring solid gifts to lovers of excitement and romance.

Exquisite drawings, romantic musical accompaniment, gentle tones of colors on the screen, beautiful symbols create an atmosphere of love and tenderness, when you decide to play the game machine Starlight Kiss.

The company Microgaming talks about a beautiful couple, on the cells of five drums. Here the beautiful castle is a symbol of dispersion, in which the beautiful woman lives. Sign BONUS is a kissing couple at the moon. Thirty active lines decide the fate of the participant in the game. The most successful spin can bring a lucky 360000 coins.

The number of lines can be adjusted by clicking on the window, where the bet is set. The number of coins, lines and cost of credits is selected in the submenu that you open there. Preview allows you to see the table of solvency ratios of simple and service drawings. The logo of the game becomes paid, it drops just two times on the line. Five logos brings 36000 coins to the player for one spin. The game logo is a wild symbol, it can replace and complement the chains of simple symbols. A wild sign does not replace pictures the Bonus and the Scatter.

Scatter is the castle of the beautiful blonde. It also starts to be paid from two times, when it appears on the screen. Three or more scatters launch 14 free spins, if you play for the money in the Starlight Kiss slot machine. The sum of all payments is multiplied by 2 after the end of the series of free spins.

Simple card letters and numbers is decorated with roses. Even they reward the user with large prizes, when they line up from the first left column of three or more.

The Bonus Symbol is able to open a new window with a bonus game. A couple of lovers will be in a pleasant solitude in the park, where the participant of the game will have to open different objects, collect points. It will increase the intensity of passions. You need to open from three to ten items to get the maximum number of coins and the highest multiplier of 10 for the amount of payments.

Design and buttons

The screen of the slot is decorated as an avenue of the evening park. Lights burn on each side, the leaves are green. The game control panel is located in the lower part. The table of winnings is opened in the lower left corner. It is useful to learn it even before the game. Several pages describe the rules of the game and the coefficients of the cost of drawings.

You can see the information window to the right of this panel, which reflects the current number of coins at a present time. The next button is AUTO game, if you look more to the right. This button starts automatic scrolling of reels. If you decided to drink a cup of sweet, hot tea without distraction from the process, the computer will independently continue collecting prizes in the cash register. You just have to enjoy a pleasant spectacle.

There is a Bet window to the right of the button Auto game, where you set the bet height on the line. Next is a window in which the prize is displayed, which fell in the last turn. And the most right icon is the button SPIN. It includes a single turn of the drums. While the drums are spinning, SPIN turns into STOP. You have a chance to stop the rotation at any time.

There is a small speaker in the upper right corner of the screen, you can turn on a beautiful romantic melody that will accompany walks and kisses under the moonlight by clicking on this speaker.

Features of the Starlight Kiss slot

It is devoted to the tender relationship of two beautiful young people. Virtual lovers are able to bring the most alive ringed coins. After you study in detail all the functions of the control panel keys, understand the secrets of the algorithm of the game, you can switch from safe, free entertainment to the real version of the game.

If you want to do this, you must choose a casino-online. You will base on its rating and your preferences. Register and make a deposit in a currency convenient for you. Turn on the Star Kiss slot and get fantastic prizes.

An example of a game in the slot machine Starlight Kiss

There are 8000 on the account. Rate is 390. 30 lines are activated. Click on the SPIN button. The first two rotations do not bring pleasant surprises. The score is 7220. The next spin brings five identical symbols, the prize is 1900 coins. The account rises to 8730 coins.

We subtract the starting digit from the last result, we get: 8730 – 8000 = 730. In total for several minutes we earned £730.