Thunderstruck 2 slot machine will tell gambling champions the story of the Viking gods and allow them to immerse themselves in the thundering atmosphere of electric bonuses and prizes.

Developers from Microgaming, the real titans in the industry of online slot production, sometimes come up with very unusual ideas. They are ready to create slot machines with all kinds of plots. And most importantly, they’re able to do it with high levels of quality and refinement.

The gaming machine Thunderstruck 2 represents a pinnacle of the creativity of Microgaming developers. They’ve realized that the subject of Scandinavian mythology has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years, and more and more attention has been paid to Odin, Thor, and Loki, as well as to their descendants, the Vikings. That’s why the studio decided to use the trend and create the Thunderstuck II slot.

And it turned out to be really beautiful and cool. In our time, minimalism is quite a fashionable word. And after combining it with the real fighting spirit of the Vikings, the severe warriors of the north, you will get something really impressive and monumental. These words are ideal to describe this slot.

Description of the Thunderstruck 2 slot

At first glance, it’s a conventional emulator. It features the same five reels, as well as bets and coefficients. However, sometimes your eyes can be caught by the unusual number of lines. And suddenly you start understanding that something magnificent is waiting for you.

First of all, the player must choose the number of credits in one coin. This is performed with the help of a corresponding switch, the value ranges from 0.1 to 0.5. Bet per line is specified in the Coins field. For those who want to immediately begin playing with large bets, there is the “Max Bet” button. It allows you to place the maximum bet.

In order to start a single spin of the reel in the Thunderstruck 2 slot machine, you need to click on the “Spin” button. To get information on payments and the game rules, click on “View Pays”.

Features of the Thunderstruck II slot

First of all, let’s talk about the wild symbol, which is the most desirable element in modern slot machines. The wild symbol is the assistant that helps players to receive huge prizes, even when they didn’t collect a complete prize combination. The role of the wild in the Thunderstruck 2 slot machine is performed by the 3D game logo. The wild symbol replaces any symbol except the bonus one, and can generate very profitable combinations. Those who is able to collect three, four or five wilds on one active line can receive prizes with coefficients of 75, 200, and 1000.

The role of the bonus symbol activating free spins is played by Thor’s hammer with the inscription Bonus. It activates the bonus mode and can form prize combinations, too. To bring the player a prize, it is enough for this symbol to just appear on any field of the reel, not necessarily on an active line. The one who can collect two, three, four, and five such hammers on the playing field will receive prizes with ratios of 1, 2, 20, and 100.

The three Scandinavian gods are next in terms of profitability: Thor, Odin, and Loki.

Thor, as the owner of one of the most powerful weapons, is the first in profitability. This young god, who has passed through many battles, can generously reward the player, who is brave enough to take risks. Those who can collect three, four or five such images on one active line can receive prizes with coefficients of 30, 100, and 500.

Odin, Thor’s father and equally courageous warrior, occupies the honorable second line in terms of profit. You just need to take a good risk to please the old warrior. Players who have collected three, four or five images of Odin on one active line will get prizes with coefficients of 30, 100, and 450.

And finally, it’s Loki, another hero from the myths and legends. He is often associated with insidiousness, but even the most insidious gods can be very generous. The coefficients of 20, 80 and 400 are waiting for the lucky person who will be able to collect three, four and five such images on one active pay line of the slot.

Valkyrie, as a daughter of Odin, also brings very decent winnings to brave heroes. Those who can collect three, four or five images of the beautiful warrior girl on one active line will receive a profit in the form of coefficients of 20, 80 and 350.

The Golden City or the House of Gods brings winnings with coefficients of 15, 60, and 300. An invariable attribute of the north legends is the Viking boat, which was used both as a means of transportation and for the burial of the most famous warriors. It has prize coefficients of 15, 60, and 250.

Next, there are regular card symbols that are used in a huge number of games. Aces and Kings have the same coefficients: 10, 20, and 150. Another pair of symbols is Queen and Jack, which bring winnings in the amount of 7, 15 and 125 credits for each bet. And finally, the last two symbols are 10 and 9. They’ll provide a profit with the ratios of 5, 10, and 100.

Bonus game

The slot has the Wild Storm mode, which can be activated in the process of playing. A strong storm begins and lightnings accidentally hit the symbols, turning them into wild ones.

But really big prizes can be found in the bonus game. It is activated, when three bonus symbols appear on the reels. The bonus round consists of four stages.

Immediately after activation, the first stage begins. It’s called Valkyrie and brings 10 free spins with a coefficient of 5.

Then, after you have played 15 bonus games, it’s time for the next stage named after Loki. You get fifteen rotations at your last bet, and all the places of the third reel are occupied by the wild symbol.

Then, after you have played 20 bonus games, the Odin round starts. It features 20 free spins and two ravens that appear randomly on the reels of the Thunderstruck 2 slot. The ravens have a coefficient of 2 and 3, and if they appear simultaneously, the ratio is 6.

And finally, the Thor mode becomes available after you enter the bonus game 25 times. The player receives 25 free spins, which follow the rule of the “sliding reels”. In the case of successive winning combinations, the prize coefficient rises from 2 to 5.